After relatively higher than my body requirement.After relatively higher than my body requirement.

After a brief
checkup on my daily intake, I have come to realize that I do consume
inappropriate amounts of fats and sugars. My daily intake of sugar and fats is
relatively higher than my body requirement. Due to this high consumption of
fats my body is exposed to several health risks. The animal products that I
consume such as meat, milk and eggs contain saturated fat, moreover the plant
foods that I consume such as coconut oil also contain saturated fat. Saturated
fat increases low-density lipoprotein which is a harmful type of cholesterol
that builds in arteries causing them to harden or block. Eventually it becomes
difficult for the arteries to facilitate blood flow, the heart and brain fail
to get enough oxygenated blood which can then lead to heart attack or
stroke.  Additionally, saturated fats are
a rich source of calories to the body, consumption of them in high amounts
causes increase in caloric intake simultaneously.  High calorie count leads to increase in
weight which in turn stresses the heart. Basically, my high intake of fats
exposes me to major heart problems.

On the other hand, I have come to learn that the
amounts of sugars I consume mainly from adding excessive sugar to my coffee, in
pastries, cakes, cookies, as flavor for my breakfast cereal, in beverages such
as sodas, fruit juices, yoghurts and lastly in breads are of adverse effects to
my body. Some effects of sugar include, Diabetes. Increase in sugar levels in
the body can make the liver to be resistant to insulin which is a hormone for
regulating glucose levels in the blood as well as turning the sugar in the
bloodstream into energy, when the liver fails to utilize insulin the body is
not able to control the sugar levels and this can lead to me acquiring
diabetes. Moreover, just like fats, sugar can lead to me getting heart
diseases. When I consume excess sugar the extra insulin in the blood puts
stress on the on the arteries as blood is being transported this in turn puts
stress on the heart and can lead to heart attack or strokes. Another effect of
sugar is kidney failure, too much sugar can lead to kidney damage, kidneys play
a vital role of filtering sugar from the blood, when sugar levels in the body
rise the kidneys are inflamed and therefore unable to filter all the sugar in
the blood and some of it is let into the urine. If left uncontrolled this can
damage your kidneys, preventing them from filtering waste from the blood and as
a result one’s kidneys can fail. Additionally, sugar causes teeth problems.
When sugar is consumed it mixes with bacteria within the plaque and produces an
acid, this acid slowly dissolves the enamel, which is the shiny protective
layer of the teeth. My teeth can then develop holes and cavities. Lastly my
high consumption of sugar can cause my body to be deficient off some nutrients.
When consuming lots and excess sugars one tends to skip other healthy meals
such as intake of biscuits takes away consumption of fruits which are of more
help to our bodies, the body therefore lacks nutrients provided by these foods
such as vitamins which one can acquire from eating fruits instead of biscuits.
Those deficiencies can lead to weakening of my bones, inhabiting my cognitive
abilities, nerve damage or even weight loss

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