After the same meaning we wrote clinicalAfter the same meaning we wrote clinical

After deciding on our PICO question , we were entitled to searching for the evidence . Hence, we started by identifying the important words which were to be inserted into the search engines . These keywords were ” clinical effectiveness ” , ” glucose monitoring technologies ” and ” adults with type 1 diabetes “. To begin with the HyDi was used . The following terms together with the Boolean operation AND were inputted in the search engine : ‘clinical effectiveness AND glucose monitor technologies ANDadults  type 1 diabetes .’ We then decided on selecting All Resources from the quick sets search type in order to obtain as much relevant information as possible . A total of 1426 results were found. After since a vast number of articles were found we controlled our search by using the advanced search where the search scope was restricted to electronic resources and the language was restricted to English and poor control of blood glucose level was added which then minimised the search to 873 results of which 816 were articles . However several results were not relevant so another search was carried out .We continued our research further from the PubMed database . There we opted for the MeSHterms. We started by entering ” clinical effectiveness which gave us no result . Then , since having the same meaning we wrote clinical capability instead and were given 2 results which we chose ” clinical competence ” . After, we searched another keyword ‘type 1 diabetes ‘ for which Diabetes Mellitus type 1 was given as a MeSH term . However a problem cropped up as no results were found when we searched the MeSH term for glucose monitoring technology. In spite of this problem we still added the phase (( Diabetes Mellitus type 1 MeSH ) AND Clinical Competence MeSH )in the PubMed search builder . From 44 research studies found we still found 2 which is relevant  to our PICO .Subsequently,  we opted for searching through another search engine  ,Google Scholar by typing “clinical effectiveness of glucose monitoring technologies in adults with type 1 diabetes ” where 18,300 results were found . There were various studies that were not relevant for our PICO question and so we decided to change a bit the phrase that was previously searched to :clinical effectiveness of continuous  glucose monitoring technologies in adults with type 1 diabetes with poor blood glucose levels and still got 17500 results found  which a vast amount of articles were related to our question and had substantial information . Finally , we ended up with around 50 questions which were mostly related to our question .When comparing the search engines together we found PubMed a bit challenging as not all of our keywords were available as MeSHterms. However, HyDI required the most attention as we had to be sure that we are using the right keywords to conduct the best search. However, we found Google Scholar to be the most friendly although it had numerous articles those that were related to our question were quite important and full of information . However reading the articles was a bit time consuming but being two we helped each other and are quite satisfied with the resulting articles from our PICO question .(561words)