AggregationThis doesn’t make sense. From the aboveAggregationThis doesn’t make sense. From the above

AggregationThis is based in the form of an association between 2 or more objects, like association, they have their own way but the main difference is that they have an owner. While the main object is the owner, the child object wouldn’t be destroyed and can still exist even though the other object has been destroyed. For example, a student has an address while, in reverse, an address does not have a student, doesn’t make sense. From the above example, if a programmer was trying to code in for example, if you want to buy a gun with money a wallet can contain money but the money doesn’t have to be in the wallet.Objects In programming, an object performs an action such as having objects within the same class while being called  instances, for example how multiple objects can be from one class even though they don’t have the same name, they have similar properties. In programming this would help out a programmer as, they can use the code again, such as if you have multiple variations of AI, you can reuse the code for walking, shooting and HP loss.ModularityA  way of dividing a computer program into separate subprograms, while maintaining a logical structure to be more efficient while making it easier to edit code if necessary. When creating a modular program, it is done by a top-down design model which means that the application that is being made is created with a high level of intelligence description of what each thing is supposed to do. Breaking down each part into smaller parts to easily understand what is going but also until where function or variable has been executed. The top-down programming model is based on the shape of functions or procedures. The functions that are broken down by the top-down design model, are separated into subsections with a defined code with a function. The set of functions can be reused and accessed easily. It has benefits such as, it can be more efficient, in terms of being able to quickly produce and develop programs, the single modules are corrected and made sure it works. Other benefits would include multiple uses of the subprograms,  this means that when the code is written it can be saved and used for another instance where the same would be applied if necessary.