Agistri flowery gardens, colourist natural paysage andAgistri flowery gardens, colourist natural paysage and

Agistri Island

Surrounding the cost line of the beautiful and busy Athens, the Saronic Sea harbours four small gems, the Island of Aegina, Agistri, Poros, Hydra and Spetses, all reachable whiting an hour or so. Very close to Athens, Agistri is a popular destination to escape the urban landscape and unleash yourself into the astonishing experience of discovering the Greek Island life. The ferries stop in the village and natural port of Skala in Agistri.

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The island of Agistri is a wonderful place for water sports, like windsurfing, waterskiing, fishing, snorkeling and diving and also for explorative hiking, cycling and horse riding.

Agistri has four charming villages, the village of Skala, Milos – Megalochori, Metochi and the village of Limenaria.

In Skala, where the main port is, you will find the majority of the hotels. The village is a perfect place for families and couples, offering a great selection of places where to rest, have a drink or enjoy the Greek dining experience day and night. A must see is the church of Agioi Anargyroi which fascinates the visitors with its blue dome.

Milos is the capital of the island, charming with its small curvy streets, shabby houses, taverns and nonetheless the church of Agios Zoodochou Pigis.

Metochi found up in the hills offers a spectacular view over the villages of Skala and Milos. The small village is perfect for relaxation and for explorative tourists. 

Limenaria is an old traditional Greek village with no hotels or bars, only a small welcoming tavern, charming its visitors with the picturesque sight of the shabby houses with splendid flowery gardens, colourist natural paysage and fascinating Greek culture.



Aponisos- Classed as one of the best gold sandy beaches of Agistri, Aponisos is based west of the traditional village called Limenaria. The opulent green colours of the Aponisos landscape, the crystal-clear water and overall calmness of the environment are completely mesmerizing. For its small size, Aponisos offers activities for every taste. Here you can practice scuba diving, snorkeling, you can swim, relax on the sun beds, enjoy the view of the small bay and even camp if you wish so.

Dragonera- One of the most populated beaches, Dragonera enriches the natural beauty of the blue skies and water and the green flora with the exotic straw beach parasols, where you can relax and enjoy the balmy sea air.

Skala- Skala is a vibrant place offering a long flax-golden beach washed by a dreamy sea, with clean hotels and plenty of restaurants, taverns and café-snack bars and clubs. If you are a dreamer, come here and just enjoy life. The place is perfect for families as the sea is smooth and gradual, with no abrupt sea levels.

Skliri Coast- The coast of Skliri hides two small beaches, Skliri and Halikiada, both reachable by foot and surrounded by ambrosial pine trees and rocky shores. Here you can camp and why not practice nudism.

Chalikiada- Reachable by foot and left of Skala, Chalkiada is a small narrow pebble beach.

Mareza- Mareza is a small rocky beach located 200m away from the village of Limenaria. The small natural platform is great for high diving, however, please do be careful as the water is deep and the current is quite strong.

Milos- From Skala to Milos you can find your perfect spot under the sun. The beaches here are both sandy and with pebbles, many of them having sunbeds with straw parasols.

You can get around the island either by public buses, taxis or you can use the services of a rental company. Transport connections are good, only a few beaches being accessible solitary by private transport.