Alexander for the rest of his life.Alexander for the rest of his life.

Alexander Hamilton was an important figure in our history, and greatly contributed to our government.As a Founding Father, a soldier, someone who helped get rid of the Articles of Confederation, build our new government, who was a brilliant lawyer, the first Secretary of Treasury and the man who created the first Bank of the United States, it’s sad that most people don’t know who Alexander Hamilton is.Alexander Hamilton was born January 11, 1755 in Charleston, a town on the island of Nevis, which was in the British West Indies. His family was composed of his mother, Rachel Fawcett, his father, James Hamilton, and his older brother, James. Later, his family moved to Christiansted, on St. Croix, to follow his father’s work. This is when he discovered that his mother was already married, to a man named John Michael Lavien. Soon after this, his father received a large payment from the company he worked for, prompting him to desert the family. He moved to St. KItts, and continued to move farther south, and lived in poverty for the rest of his life. After the family was deserted, his mother rented a two story house, and converted the bottom into a store, which she used to keep the family out of debt and her children fed. After a few years, Rachel became sick, and Alexander soon became sick too. However, Alexander survived, even though his mother succumbed to the illness. The court of the island auctioned off her possessions, and they gave the proceeds to her first child. James and Alexander were not given anything, as they were born out of wedlock and considered illegitimate. They were sent to live with a cousin of theirs, Peter Lytton. However, soon after taking in the boys, Peter took his own life, leaving the boys once again without a family. While living with Peter Lytton, he received a job at a company named Beekman and Cruger. He learned the art of business at this job, and the company later helped him to get to America. His brother soon abandoned him, taking an apprenticeship to become a carpenter, leaving his fourteen year old brother behind.  Soon after this time, he was left in charge of the company for about a week, showing off his skills in business and holding the company in good hands while his boss was on vacation. He shortly submitted a love poem to a newspaper, which started his fame around the island. He was encouraged to submit the letter by the owner of the company, his boss. Soon after this, a hurricane swept through the area, destroying the island. During the storm, Alexander had begun writing a letter to his father, describing the hurricane and the aftermath. His boss convinced him to submit the letter to the newspaper, even though Alexander didn’t want to capitalize on a tragedy that had ended lives to further his own fame. After it had gotten praise from many aristocrats on the island, he started to raise money to send Alexander to the colonies to get a higher education. With these funds they paid for college and extra education needed for him to pass the entrance exams. He had been enrolled to Princeton, but after they declined his request to fast-track his studies, he decided to go to King’s College instead.In 1775, he enlisted in the Militia, were he caught the eye of George Washington, general of the army. Even though he had been asked by other generals and refused, he accepted Washington’s offer. In 1777, he was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel, shortly before leaving Washington