Also, The novel is a sequence of

both novels describe a society with a sense of conventional rituals, of
traditional class layers, centered on the idea of the party idea being a social
gathering. They two novels both represent a World War I cultural microcosm and
the cities where the action is taking place, London and New York, are two
capitals of mechanization and machinery.

regarding the writing style, in The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald uses long sentences, occasionally using not just one
sub-caluse. He also uses the idea of the “American dream” in the novel. He uses
a nostalgic and sentimental tone of the past, recalling memories from the Jazz
Age. His first person narrator is Nick, the protagonist. Nick Carraway’s consciousness
filters the story’s events and adds a little mystery to the story.

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Woolf captures her personages’ private thoughts, which allow her to move with
an ease from one to another and also aids the reader to take a peak in the mind
of each character. She uses the interior monologue to show us their most
intimate feelings and their future actions before they are done. The reader has
the impression that he or she is inside the characters mind. She also does not
use a central plot. The author mostly focuses in the life of Mrs. Dalloway, on
her inner world and sentimental experiences. She does not tell us a captivating
story and nothing really interesting is happening to the characters. The novel
is a sequence of events which ends with a climax.

the novels at hand, two roles are enacted by characters who are suffering from
mental-disorders. Jay Gatsy and Septimus Smith are both suffering from shell
shock, as it was named at that time, a war-related disorder, which was thought
to be a brain lesion from the bombardment on the field. In nowadays this is
called Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or shortly PTSD. In Mrs. Dalloway the main character, Clarissa Dalloway, the
upper-class party giver is one of the victims of this disease, alongside
Septimus Smith. She has health issues and almost lost her life because of an
infection with Spanish Influenza. In The
Great Gatsby, Jay Gatsby and Nick Carraway are the principal characters
which both participated in the war. Nick is the first-person narrator in the
novel and he comments on his own war experiences himself.

London’s postwar society, in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel, the invitations for
the gathering are chosen by the status or power. The action is set by the main
character, Mrs. Dalloway, an English woman, who is throwing a very English
party. She married a government functionary, whose house is found in the West
End, amid the wealthy. The only character from the working class in the novel
is Septimus Smith with his Italian wife, Lucrezia, or as she is called in the
book, “Rezia”. Clarissa Dalloway, of the high class, which has a post traumatic
disorder, lives with her life of memory of prewar hopes, of a life of romantic dreams
of an old suitor.

the English representation of a social gathering, the party seems to be the
central activity of the whole novel, being frantic and nonstop. In the American
one, Jay Gatsby’s parties are big, loud and vulgar. They are the exact opposite
if Dalloway’s polite and select party. Gatsby’s parties are also a mix of
different social statuses. 

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