Although individual incapable of building genuine relationships.Although individual incapable of building genuine relationships.

Although there are many advantages to social media
there are also disadvantages to social media professionally, academically, and
within personal life. Professionally, social media within a professional
setting can bring with it decreased productivity, inappropriate behavior,
privacy concerns, security breach risk, and overall risk of a diminished
reputation for a business or even an individual. Many businesses have a social
media policy but this is hard to enforce to a certain extent. Academically,
social media can act as a thriving medium for bullying or a waste of time due
to decreased productivity and distraction. In addition to these two huge factor
academically it needs to be considered that not all students learn the same way
and limiting face-to-face communication within the classroom can negatively
impact an individual’s capacity to learn. Personally, social media can cause a
decrease in development of communication skills in real life situations. This
can overall render an individual incapable of building genuine relationships.

Social media is also extremely dangerous when it comes to insecurities and many
people look at social media mediums as a way to mask who they are in actuality
because it is not “real time”.

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