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 Although Nero Burning ROM is already powerful, it can be expanded for more utility in a mobile application. Nero provides a variety of different apps to extend the capabilities of your mobile devices, allowing you to utilize enhanced features on the go. There are various apps that are provided by Nero to extend the potential and capacity of a mobile by letting to utilize it’s enhanced features. These apps can thus be used as useful additions to other Nero applications.-Nero MediaHomeThis app lets you transfer a file from your PC to your mobile phone and vice versa by syncing your media between your mobile device and PC. This can, in fact, save a lot of space on your phone. All you have to do is sync your mobile device and PC and make sure they both are registered to the same network. That’s it, now you can have access to your favorite media like videos, songs or pictures by using MediaHome through a Wi-Fi connection.-Nero streaming player appWell this is the ultimate app for you if you want to hear your favorite loud music without any hassle any time you want to. This app lets you see movies, music and even pictures stored on your phone, play on smart TVs or any other device on your home network. Your mobile can be used simply as a remote control to play media wirelessly, without any trouble on a large screen. This again saves up a lot of space and lets you share media with your people even when you are away from home.-Nero AirBurn appThis gives you access to unlimited burning! Now the media in your smartphone or tablet can be burned to CD, DVD, or Blu-ray Disc, without physically transferring the data. Just select the app and send it to the PC with the app and the burning project will be launched. This also means that apart from burning you can also share your medias or files without having to load it in the PC. Moreover, it’s very simple, after the Nero AirBurn app loads up, just select the files and connect it to the PC you want to transfer it to.-Nero Manual AppsAs the name suggests Nero Manual App provides information on the various tips and tricks that would help you to gain the best results while burning media and also other Nero products.-Nero BackItUpThis app is a convenient backup process.The Android phone should be connected to the PC via an airline. Nothing extra is needed except for the wi-fi connection. This is a very simplified backup option where you don’t have to use cloud services as the data is being stored in your PC itself.-Nero TuneItUp Cleanup & Booster AppThis basically cleans up the junk on your phone and conserves battery. And also as the name says, this app gives the phone a tune up it needs.- Nero KnowHow appIn this, the various queries of the user are answered in the FAQ section and he is also given an access to the user forum where again the needs of the user are answered. Apart from this, the user is also given access to manuals, tutorials, and videos.Though these apps are an extension of the Nero PC products, Nero Mobile Apps, gives new ways to access multimedia applications together with Nero products.