American the disputed Dakota Access oil pipelineAmerican the disputed Dakota Access oil pipeline

American dependency on overseas oil, and
help lower the price of gas in the United States.”

will create jobs, secure a hungry market
for the heavier crude from the oil sands, decrease North

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and reduces potential impact on the vital Ogallala aquifer. The pipeline’s

TransCanada Corp. has proposed a new route
that avoids environmentally sensitive areas in

Rock Sioux. The
“merits are many, and they serve both Canada and the United States.

the environment. He
said his administration is working to restore relations with the Standing

the state has
respected legal protests and that it focused on maintaining peace and

Americans haven’t
been adequately addressed. North Dakota Republican Gov. Doug Burgum

over the disputed
Dakota Access oil pipeline believes the concerns and rights of Native

                A United Nations official who visited North
Dakota in the wake of months of protests


 Keystone Xl pipeline but they received no

company whether it
has a specific strategy for dealing with Indigenous groups who oppose the

necessary permits and
approvals to advance the project to construction. Media asked the

 work with key stakeholders throughout
Nebraska, Montana and South Dakota to obtain the

issued a news release stating that the company would continue to


to the Irving Oil Refinery in Saint John
that it would boost Canada’s ” energy security”.

minister Stephen harper spoke in favour of
Transcanada’s Energy east plans, during a recent visit

most promising pipeline projects are also
the longest and most expensive. May be why prime

kill a project. Current political climate
surrounding oil-sands development that the industry’s

“institutional veto points
“–any junctures at which government or regulatory bodies are able to

 stand any chance of succeeding are ones that,
like Eastern Gulf Crude Access, minimize

Policy, UBC’s Hoberg argues that, in the
current environment, the only pipeline projects that

relatives and allies
to rise with them. In an upcoming paper in the journal
Canadian Public

leaders also plan to
lobby lawmakers to protect tribal rights. They are calling on all their  Native

White House, with
teepees, a ceremonial fire, cultural workshops and speakers. Native American

            Tribal members and supporters plan
to camp each day on the National Mall outside the


Carbon dioxide annually from a facility that upgrades
bitumen, the tar like product.                                                                             

$1.35- billion demostration project that would caqpture
and bury up to 1.2 million tonnes of

culminate in a march on the White House. Alberta is
investing more than $700 million in a

Access oil pipeline
to Washington on Tuesday, kicking off four days of activities that will

their frustrations
with President Donald Trump’s administration and its approval of the Dakota

Missouri River
reservoir in North Dakota.  Native
Americans from across the  U.S. are

judge to reject a
request by American Indian tribes to revoke permission for the project to cross

building the $3.8
billion US Dakota Access oil pipeline and the Army Corps of Engineers want a

of the Great Sioux
Nation are threatened by Keystone — a perilous pipeline.  The company

Access pipeline,
announced its opposition to Keystone well. Once again, the treaty lands

 Standing Rock Sioux tribe, which for months
has been fighting the $3.8-billion US Dakota

               The keystone XL pipeline would bring oil
from hardisty, Alta, to steel city, Neb. The



pipeline XL once and
they declared to do it again.

Network. In the past, the indigenous people were successful to stop the toxic

greater resistance
than ever before,” wrote Dallas Goldtooth, lead organizer for the

The fight to kill the
Keystone XL pipeline begins anew — and Donald Trump should expect far

indigenous groups are
come to fight once again.

environmentalists declared
a victory. But now adays south of the U.S border  and many

interest only if it
does not exacerbate the problem of carbon pollution, many

 blocked by President Barack Obama in 2015
because Keystone would serve the national

people.   Keystone XL has faced multiple delays since
it was first pitched in 2008. When it was

for the environment.
There is fights begins anew about the Keystone XL pipeline by indigenous

of much of the oil
the pipeline could carry, there’s fear for what Keystone XL’s approval means

discussion was about
getting a seat at the development table. But in northern Alberta, the

Ottawa, where the
theme was “inclusive prosperity in our energy future” and where much
of the

          The Assembly of First Nations
recently wrapped up its second National Energy Forum in


 our lands, our lives or our futures.

This includes the
right to free, prior and informed consent over any activities that could affect

Nations National
Chief Perry Bellegarde, issued shortly after the pipeline’s approval.

treaty rights
recognized in Canada’s Constitution,” reads a statement from Assembly of

This is an important
moment to remind Canadians that First Nations hold inherent rights and

Attention from the
issues that would have much greater impact on greenhouse-gas emissions.

14-20% higher than
the country’s average oil emissions. This keystone controversy is diverting

of petroleum and huge
emissions from the extracting and burning tar sands oil in the US are

many researcher from
climate and energy sources opposes this issue because a dirty source

trample Indigenous
rights. The issue has also separated the scientific community. There are

Trump administration. While some vow to
stop it, others want to ensure development doesn’t

speaking up about the
Keystone XL pipeline, which has recently been given a green light by the

Kansas and  Oklahoma. Indigenous groups on both sides of the Canada-U.S. border are

along the Texas Gulf coast, passing through Indigenous territories in Montana,
south Dakota,

the US Midwest which would carry roughly about 800000 barrels of oil a day from
Alberta to

issue is about the Keystone pipeline about 1900 kilometer long by Calgary based
Trans Canada