Among learning of reading techniques because the

Among the four main skills,
reading has a special place in language learning and improving the teaching
reading required by all instructors. Since reading requires high skill and
accuracy, for many language learners reading is a slow and difficult process.
One of the important parts of reading is reading comprehension. According to
Albasees (2007), the process of reading involves complex and comprehensive
cognitive skills, both linguistic and non-linguistic, ranging from high and low
levels. The main purpose of teaching reading is to teach students how to
understand the main concept of the text and to teach them that word-by-word
meaning is a time-consuming and misleading method. Students should comprehend a
text from its main concept not by translating text to their mother tongue
language. For many learners reading is a slow and time-consuming process, they
waste most time just for reading a text and answering the questions.

       The role of a teacher is vital in the
proper learning of reading techniques because the learners are faced with
comprehension in schools, colleges, and a lot of exams. For this reason, if
they learn the right way from the beginning of learning, the reading
comprehension would not be a complex and frightening section and they will
overcome their weakness. Reading comprehension depends on several things like
reader’s characteristic, their prior knowledge or working memory, and even
depends on language processes such as vocabulary, decoding, text structure, and
motivation. Reading needs a good comprehension, and it is a complex interaction
among other cognitive processes. Snow & Sweet (2003) reported that reading
comprehension is a complex process involving many sub-component skills and
abilities that vary among readers. Farstrup (2003) asserted that:

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” teachers should be aware and
knowledgeable of many instructional methods and strategies available to promote
students’ reading 

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