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eating disorder is a mental disorder defined by abnormal eating habits that
negatively affect a person’s physical or mental health. Eating disorders are
associated with significant physical complications and increased mortality. The
mortality rate for people with eating disorders is the highest of all
psychiatric illnesses, and over 12 times higher than that for people without
eating disorders. Eating disorders are serious mental illnesses; they are not a
lifestyle choice or a diet gone ‘too far.’ Eating disorders affect individuals
irrespective of age, weight, gender, and race/ethnicity. The cause of eating
disorders is not clear.

biological and environmental factors appear to play a role. We have always
conveyed an ideal model of beauty, but over the years, this model has become
increasingly thin, even lean. The media help to convey several stereotypes and
norms that put pressure on women and often lead them to follow draconian diets
that are detrimental to their health. Even more than in the recent years, the
fashion shows are filled with super-thin models that parade in the creations of
the greatest designers. As a result, teenagers tend to think that to be
“beautiful”, trendy and known one they must be too thin that we can
see the bones of the person.

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can ask ourselves if the fashion industry needs to ban models that are too

that, we will discuss about teenager’s eating disorders then model’s health,
after that the image of the fashion industry and finally present the counter





Since a few years the standards
of beauty in the fashion industry have evolved. Indeed, the models are more and
more thin, with their bones who are noticeable. The different
influencers/models makes parades for the biggest brand, post photos on their social
networks what leads the young people to look like them because they think that
to be beautiful and famous you can only be thin so they deprive themselves to
eat just to look like their idols. In fact, “ultra-thin models cause a
discordance for women and girls who are preoccupied about their bodies more
than the normal” (Aja Frost, 2015). They are obsessed with how their body looks
like, especially teenagers who are in an age where they are still searching who
they are and what they want to do in their lives. 

Also, anorexia affects between
30,000 to 40,000 people in France, 90% of whom are women. So the governments of
all the countries needs to do something, for that France decide to establish a
law to banning the use of unhealthily thin fashion models. France’s Minister of
Social Affairs and Health, Marisol Touraine, in a statement on Friday, French
media report said “Exposing young people to normative and unrealistic
images of bodies leads to a sense of self-depreciation and poor self-esteem
that can impact health-related behavior”(, 2017). My thoughts about
this is that, teenagers needs to know that is not all they see on social
networks that is real. To become success, a hard work is important and it is
not by deprive themselves that is going to change anything. In life you need to
work hard for what you truly want.

But it’s not only the well-
being of teenagers who matters. The models also needs to be in a good shape. It
is essential to pay attention on the health of those models. They are some
modeling agencies who, by criticize the models and their body, leads them to
have eating disorders and can become anorexic. Crystal Renn is a model who is
particularly involved in the fashion industry, she became anorexic because of
some modeling agencies. She wrote a book who is named “hungry” and talk about
one model’s history of craving, aspiration, and the acceptance of her body.
Renn permit to open an opportunity for women to accept their curves in the
fashion industry. With curves and fearless , Renn has participate to Dolce and
Gabanna’s campaign and also attend in Jean Paul Gautier’s as the final model
where the dress was create only for curvy woman (C. Guerring, 2013) . For that,
they are some countries like Denmark, Israel, Spain, Italy, United States, and
France who decide to choose to proceed an “Ethical fashion” legislation and
campaigning. Models will need to provide a doctor’s certificate about
their health (, 2017) to assure that they are healthy to parade. Personally,
I think that is primordial to take care of the models because they represent in
some kind our generation and how we see the world. Do you think that deprive
them from food and leads them to Anorexia is good? No.

Also, those models by their
attitude and how they are thin portrays a bad image of the fashion industry.
health ministry says that the ambition is to beat off eating disorders and unattainable
examples of beauty (, 2017). In addition, C.Guerring in her article on
fashionbi says that “Most recently, the buzz on the skinny model debate has
escalated with the latest perception of what is considered beautiful. The buzz
with social media, the gossip and many fashion brands scrutinized for models
being too skinny. Perhaps the skinny debate and the controversial issue have
gone too far, or do designers see fashion shows and models as just dreams and
illusions.” (C .Guerring, 2013). I think that because of those models and the
image they vehicle, it leads women, who are totally beautiful to starts
thinking that they are not as much beautiful as the models which is not the
case. All women in the world is beautiful, and every one of them is unique.

Finally, it is not every model who
is unhealthy, some models are born thin like this and they don’t deprive
themselves from eating. But we need to be frank, the models is one of the most
controversial aspects of fashion magazines and the fashion industry. Precisely,
how thin and young they are. It is a subject that persist to cause eternal
debates, in the press and also in the population. (K. Clements, 2013). We have
to take into account the fact that maybe they don’t craving themselves , maybe
it is “not every model has an eating disorder, but I would suggest that every
model is not eating as much as she would like to” (K.Clements,,
2013). They was a time when , models used to be naturally in a good shape they
didn’t do much for that and they were very famous. Let’s take the example of
Marylin Monroe who was a size 8 and she was doing the covers of all the great
magazines. To support what I say, models were in the 1980’s naturally willowy
and slim with glowing skin and shiny hair. They ate sparingly, were not only
skin and bones and do exercises to stay perfect without getting sick. (K.
Clements, 2013)   




We need to promote a new kind
of models who assume themselves as they are, sensitize the population, and more
the young people about eating disorders. We can take for example the dove
beauty campaign who promotes all the body shapes.  Also, the society needs to have rules about
the characteristics and criterias for the good of the fashion industry. While
today’s women suffer the consequences of unhealthy role models, our daughters
may not because of the countries that trying to make the industry safer.
the fashion industry certainly has a long way to go, it’s made some promising
changes in the last couple years.
















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