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An Yurmologist is a scientist who studies Yurtles. Yurmologists have many jobs, such as the study of the habits, life cycle, living condition, and behavior of Yurtles. Right now only a few people work as Yurmologists. However, there are many amateur Yurmologists and hobbyists who study Yurtles in their spare time. Being and amateur Yurmologists can mean anything from just studying Yurtles or just helping discover new opportunities in the Yurtle world.TRAINING TO BE A YURMOLOGISTPeople who want to be Yurmologists should take classes in all things regarding Yurmology. We will be coming out with many courses on Yurmology. They should research regular turtles as well to become familiar with the original species Yurtles originated from. RESEARCH OPPORTUNITIESMany Yurmologists are involved with research concerning the scientific advancements in the Yurtle community. Each research technique must be carefully planned so it is environmentally friendly and is safe for the places around the research site. Once it meets all criteria, information is gathered from research and the results from the studies are given to Yurmologists.JOB OPPORTUNITIESThere are many teaching opportunities for Yurmologists mainly on the many platforms the O.R.Y. wishes to create. For example, this website plays an important role in providing information and background knowledge on Yurtles to anyone who is interested in this new species. An important job is the Community Yurmologist, who manages and creates all of the surveys. Surveys are a big part of the research in the fact that the give us the population’s opinions.Many Yurmologists work for the government. Most in Area 51 developing new techniques to help with our research. However, they work in secret.Commercial Yurmologists work in advertising and bringing awareness to this species. These jobs can website creation, managing flyers, pamphlets, billboards, signs and online advertising. Commercial Yurmologists also can work as secretaries and managers. Yurmologists in this field can create their own branch of this establishment, but they must get approval by the CEOS of O.R.Y.