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‘And our sons must become men- such men as we hope our daughters, born and unborn, will be pleased to live among’. “Man Child….” By Audre Lorde. Lorde preached of equality, feminism and patriarchy in most of her works.  Patriarchy is a social set up where the male holds the ultimate power and decision-making authority over the rest in his territory. The male holds power over the female and children in every aspect. In some cases of patriarchy, the male holds all rights even to property: passing it on from one generation to the other through male dominance.

           Women have been victims of patriarchy for a long time. Patriarchy brings about such cases as imbalanced education representation among women, violence either physically or mentally, lack of power on decision-making and violation of some of their human rights. Lack of education keeps women in the set up in bondage mentally. Many cases of violence have been recorded that the man figure was only ‘trying to make things right’. This lowers the self-esteem of our women, making them gullible to fear and depression. Lack of voice leaves women in a patriarchic representation with no power to represent themselves, thus taking away their right to make decisions on their own.

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        Men too get a fair share of negative effects felt by the women when it comes to patriarchy. The man, in his conquest of dominance is no longer seen as a human being but by his sexuality. Since all he entails is power and voice, he is no longer viewed as an interactive body but as a dominant figure to be revered at all times. The man is forced to accept certain roles in the set up whether he likes it or not. It is a predestined path that not all men might be comfortable with but cannot forfeit taking it regardless. Patriarchy does nothing to feed the soul. It takes: leaving the man hollow with no relationships but only those forged and forced upon others.