Andrew, was made, which entailed me returningAndrew, was made, which entailed me returning

Andrew, Rothweiler Jason, Ellis AFL085-610 26Jan2018 This I Believe I am going to start my writing from a few months back. The decision to start a new altogether in my life, but many have done before and echoes of their success excel us today. My new life begins with tragedy and the letting go of a long-time passion. My father (step) had become suddenly ill once returned to Ohio after visiting me for months on the west coast. This all coincided with a decision I was sure was already made, to continuing another tour of service after 15years already. Keeping me far from those I dearly loved longer. Now going through this hardship, the decision was uncertain. After deliberation a decision was made, which entailed me returning home to take care of family matters. Just days from transitioning out, my father passed away. Now minds changed, but the doors behind have closed. Trying to adapt and overcome tragedy, I find myself in the civilian job force with some back-ground employers want but lacking credentials, they need. Now blaring to see is getting a job with no accreditations into a position for as long as the company is around in a fluctuating economy. Or get the accreditations that will follow me for the rest of my life, opening avenues to positions best suited. And begins my journey back to school after 15yrs of labors and not even completing a HSD. It is now the second day of reading writing class when we have to watch some videos and write down tasks we do on the normal. I seem to write most of mine about taking care of my dogs. when we are instructed to write an essay of what we deeply believe, from the list of things we do normally. My chosen belief is that dogs love. For reasons that I believe dogs have an instinctual ability to love as pack animals. They survive best as groups to hunt and take down prey. Most lone dogs do not survive long, especially in harsh environments and conditions. Their lives revolve around a command structure called a pack hierarchy. The structure resembles that of a pyramid where at the top you have the (alpha) that is the leader of the pack with the responsibility to survive and thrive. Then you have the neck (beta’s) that make up minority of the pack. They carry out law of the Alpha in the pack, seconds in command. And lastly you have the (omega’s) majority of the pack being the base and supporting the whole. By hunting parties, taking care of the pups and elders in the pack. The most important asset to the pack is their sense of smell. To a dog it can tell a lot about something or someone, more so, that as humans we have not even created an equal substitute for finding bombs, drugs and track other items of interest. Their sense of smell is so strong that they can tell emotions in animals and humans. Their ability to smell at distance is great and even better close up. They have an uncanny sense of your diet if they smell your crouch or rear. This is something that is a means that draws them closer to us as a need that can’t be replaced.  The following comparison I see is our relationship with dogs in life. There are so many resemblances I see between dog and man. If I could just draw your attention to some of the simplest ways we share, you don’t even have to be a dog owner to see. Like how we play or exercise. Some of the games that we play a lot alike are Hide and Seek, Catch Me if You Can, or Tag and Keep Away are just a few that come to mind, I am sure you can think of some that you have seen played. Exercise is great all around for both of us, some of those activities include running, walking, swimming, playing fetch and training. The many personality characteristics that we share, are of how we are curios creatures about our environment or habitat, new experiences or other creatures. We both enjoy the company of others and grow attachments to all cross species. (dogs & person, person & dogs, dogs & dogs, person & person) Dogs have to be in the top ten of the most intelligent animals. I can’t think of any other animal that we use to work hard every day than that of a dog. Police use them as drug sniffers and to chase down criminals, Fire Fighters use them to find incendiaries after a fire or to help find survivors. If a dog loses its life in the line of duty, they hold a ceremony as though they had lost a person and call them a service member. Every day people use dogs for chores or tasks unique to their wants and needs, farmers use dogs to herd live stock or protect their farm from other wild animals. Bind people have seeing eye dogs, most families have protection dogs or what you’d call house hold pets. Again, these are only a few tasks we have dogs for in our daily lives. So is it hard to imagine that throughout the centuries that man and dog have been around, that dogs haven’t picked up one of our deepest emotion as humans have displayed. Love.     The finale explanation I have to share is driven by a representation of faith. Losing my earthly father, I know he is in better hands and the best I can do is share our faith as comfort to others. I see dogs as best a companion to man besides woman on earth. Dogs are always referred to as man’s best friend or partner for good reason. Man seems to be everything to a dog when raised, that they become like a second shadow. I was raised to believe in god and taught how man was created by god. The purpose for man’s creation was to be a companion to God. But by man’s own doing we have fallen away as though sometimes dog’s runaway. Man’s return to god some day brings God joy, much more so than if that run-away dog returns to his owner brings them joy. In that a picture of God’s love present in man, and dog. God’s love is present in so much but I see one great representation of his love in that companionship between a man and dog. In closing, my hope was that something I share with you, convinced you that dogs love. Just maybe you can see how dog’s instincts are to love. As pack animal’s survival can only be accomplished as a group, for lone animals become easy prey. The pack hierarchy is just an example of how the pack is structured. But I try to see more than just the building blocks in front of me. I think that the rule of pack law, respect, understanding and love are the mortar that hold it all together. The relationship we share is one of the most endearing ones I can think of in life. The uncanny personality traits that dogs show resembles us or that of our children. The sheer joy we get from just being around each other (man & dog) is a sense of comfort. The tasks or jobs made easier with a companion by your side. The means they have to make you laugh when you feel blue. Or just curl up and cuddle on a cold night with you. Don’t be surprised by the energy they can give you when they want to play fetch or tag. These are all just a few accentuating points in why I believe that dogs love. But if you won’t take my word for it then go and adopt a dog. They are easily found at your local animal shelter and or want ads. You will never know the true joy and never-ending love a dog has for you unless you have one. Or four like me. Adopt a dog today.