Angelman doctors prescribes anti seizure medicine. PhysicalAngelman doctors prescribes anti seizure medicine. Physical

Angelman syndrome, or AS, is a rare genetic disorder that is produced from a chromosomal error. The chromosomal error type is a missing or damaged part of a chromosome inherited from the mother. AS can also occur when the baby inherits two copies of the UBE3A gene from the father, rather one copy from each parent. It is unusual that Angelman syndrome is passed on from parent to child, though it may happen. Like most genetic disorders, a baby will have an increased chance of having AS if AS is apart of the family history.Symptoms of Angelman syndrome vary for each victim and affects them externally and psychologically. Having a small head, wide spaced teeth, flatness at the back of the head, and lighter pigmentation in the skin, hair, and eyes in comparison to the family of the AS victim may be found in an AS victim. Intellectually, AS victims are affected by symptoms which include: frequent smiling and laughter, sleep difficulty, a short attention span, hyperactivity, and seizures. Severe problems with communication, balance, movement, and intellectual disability also occurs in victims with AS. Possessing these symptoms limit an AS victim physically. As victims with AS get older, the ability to sleep increases. In addition, the level of excitement and amount of seizures decrease.Angelman syndrome seems scary, but it is not life threatening. Death is not a symptom of AS. Males and females are affected evenly by AS. There are no cures. There is medicine for the symptoms. For example, to treat seizures, doctors prescribes anti seizure medicine. Physical and communication therapy is given to individuals with AS. Physical therapy aids in the development of movement, while communication therapy teaches individuals with AS sign language and picture communication. Behavior therapy is also used to aid victims of AS. In Behavior therapy, AS victims learn how to reduce the effect some symptoms have on the life of the victim such as hyperactivity and a short attention span. There is no gene therapy.  Angelman syndrome may be detected before birth by tests before symptoms appear. This can be done by doing genetic tests such as parental DNA patterns, FISH tests, and CGH tests. The most effective test is a parental DNA pattern. A parental DNA pattern works by screening for genetic abnormalities that lead to AS. FISH tests and CGH tests show if portions of the chromosome are missing. Overall, a blood sample is necessary to confirm the diagnosis of AS.