Anthony radicals (Sons of Liberty secret organizationAnthony radicals (Sons of Liberty secret organization



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Dec. 2017

Battle of Lexington and Concord

            The battle of Lexington and Concord
is one the battles that occurred during the American Revolutionary War. It is
said to be known as the first armed battle of the Revolutionary War. However,
one things that people’s opinion differ on about this battle, is whether the
Battle of Lexington and Concord was a key event or not. I feel that the battle
was a key event for the American Revolutionary War because it sent a notice or
a tip that war has begun. Another reason why I feel the Battle of Lexington and
Concord was a key event during the occurrence of the American Revolutionary War
is because it showed that the Americans were not afraid to take action against
the British army.

            Before I get into the battle I
should discuss things that occurred before the battle and led to the battle. On
December 16th, 1773, people out of the city Boston known as radicals (Sons of Liberty
secret organization members), came upon three East India Company ships and
threw more than 300 loads of tea into what is known as the Boston Harbor. This was
”…in protest of oppressive British taxation and tyrannical rule” which we know
of as the Boston Tea Party. Confrontation to the Crown had been rising over the
enforcing of the Sugar Act of 1764, Stamp Act of 1765, and Townshend Act of 1767.
This directed to the Boston Massacre and future led to the come-up of the slogan,
“No taxation without representation.” The Tea Act of 1773 and consequential
Tea Party protest stimulated the Colonial drive differing British lawmaking
acts, which dishonored the ordinary, agreement and constitutional rights of the
colonists. Replying back to the revolt, the British endorsed additional disciplinary
measures (The Intolerable Acts) in faiths of overturning the growing revolution.
Far from achieving their wanted outcome, however, the ”Crown’s countermeasures
led colonists to assemble the First Continental Congress on September 5th,
1774, in Philadelphia.” One of the major things which occurred before the
battle and led to the battle was Paul Revere’s midnight ride. Paul Revere was a
male patriot during the American Revolution. On April 18, 1775, he was given
order to going to Lexington, Massachusetts with new that the troops were on
their way to march into the countryside northwest of Boston. The troops were preparing
to capture Samuel Adams and John Hancock, who were staying at a household in
Lexington, and perhaps head on to the town of Concord, to seize or terminate
military stores for gunpowder, ammo, and several field guns.  However, on that ride, Paul Revere was
captured by the British. However, later he was able to confront that the
British were coming. Because of this ride, the people were able to know what to
expect and this would lead to the battle of Lexington and Concord. Many may
want to know why were the British coming. What could they possibly want from
the Americans. The troops were planning to arrest Samuel Adams and John
Hancock, who were staying at a house in Lexington, and probably continue on to
the town of Concord, to capture or destroy military stores — gunpowder, ammunition,
and several cannons.  Author Pamela Kline
also mentions ”The British had to march through Lexington in order to get to
Concord and take the military artillery.” They were preparing to only head to
Concord, but since they had encountered with patriots who were prepared to fight
in Lexington, battle occurred. Now let’s talk about the battle. The Battle of
Lexington and Concord is said to have begun on the nineteenth of April 1775. A
British lieutenant ordered the patriots to put down their weapons or they would
all be dead. ”Few dispersed, and none of them laid down their weapons. At that
point, an unknown shot came from someone in the ranks or hiding behind the
walls and trees. The British soldiers, probably without orders, then opened
fire on the Americans.” That unknown shot was known as the ‘Shot Heard Round
the World’. It is known as this because it ”…indicates that the shots fired at
British troops during the Battle of Concord marked America’s first victory
against the powerful British army, which in turn sparked the Revolutionary War
and lead to America’s independence.” After the smoke was clear, eight
minutemen and a British fighter were lifeless. Both sides defended saying each
other were the one responsible of shooting the first shot. Still to this day
no-one knows who exactly fired the first shot. It will forever be a mystery.  

            All of the stuff above shows that
the Americans were not afraid of taking action against the British. We won the
battle which proved that we were not a bunch of unorganized soldiers, but troops
who deserved respect. Following the battle, the Revolutionary War had begun officially.
This battle was important because it sent notice to all Americans saying that
they had defeated the British. Defeating the British had good and bad
consequences behind it. The good consequences behind it is was that more
Americans were gaining confidence and were better preparing themselves in case
the British would continue to fight back (not just Lexington and Concord) for
War. The bad consequence was that the British were continuing to fight back for
War. The Siege of Fort Ticonderoga, The Battle of Chelsea Creek, The Battle of
Bunker (Breeds) Hill, The Battle of Quebec, The Battle of Long Island (Brooklyn
Heights), The Battle of White Plains, The Battle of Fort Washington         , The Battle of Trenton, The Battle of
Princeton, The Battle of Oriskany, The Battle of Bennington, The Battle of
Brandywine, The Battle of Saratoga (Freeman’s Farm), The Battle of Germantown, The
Battle of Saratoga (Bemis Heights), The Battle of Monmouth, The Capture of
Savannah, The Siege of Charleston, The Battle of Camden, The Battle of King’s
Mountain, The Battle of Cowpens, The Battle of Guilford Courthouse, The Battle
of Eutaw Springs, The Battle of Yorktown: all of these battles were battles of
the American Revolutionary War, and all of these occurred because the battle of
Lexington and Concord occurred. Now I am going to describe the actual battle of
Lexington and Concord to show that the Americans were not afraid of taking
action against the British. A source of mine states =Unorganized, blown away by
the exchange, and putting their attention to their wounded, our militia did not
follow the troops of the British immediately. But they were not behind by that much.  At least a mile east of Concord, the American
militia found the British and riding the first rebel attacks, which would cause
the Redcoats’ long trip back to Boston to be a nightmare.  Behind protection such as rocks and trees shooting,
the militia of the Americans took a cruel ring on the withdrawing troops.  British captains did things they could do to secure
their slow-moving soldiers. ”They sent out flankers to roust the ambushers.” The
fights among these and the local militia was mainly ruthless, often bareknuckle.  In several places, the flankers were able to
trap the American attackers between them and the British column. At Lexington, furthermore,
the withdrawing British column ran into over one thousand British herds who were
sent out to re-enforce them.  ”But by
mid-afternoon, just about time the British re-enforcements arrived, another
batch of militia from more distant villages began to pour in.”  Some of the most powerful fights happened
after these new bodies combined the pursuing power.  Even with administrations, there was no security
or rest for the British until coming upon Charlestown. By the time they touched
their housings in Boston, ”they had lost 273 men—73 killed, 174 wounded, and
26 missing.” After the battle people started to realize that the Americans
were not afraid of the British anymore. Instead, they were over-coming their
fear and becoming more strong and powerful against the British. This also
prepared other Americans for War. Therefore, whenever the British would show
up, they would not just come and kill Americans; they were going to War with
them. They were becoming stronger and stronger, bits by bits, mentally and
physically. In conclusion, the main significance of the Battle of Lexington and
Concord is that it was the first battle of the American Revolutionary War. This
plays as a key event in American Revolutionary War obviously. It sent a notice
or tip saying that War had officially begun. It also represented the victory of
the Americans, which showed that they were not afraid of the British. So, when
there is a question on whether the Battle of Lexington and Concord is a key
event to the American Revolutionary War or not, you should know that it very
much is.