Apple electricity used at Apple global facilities,

Apple has a special business model, especially by providing unique characteristics of their products, the main Corporate Social Responsibility issues for Apple could be divided in two parts: environmental impact and supply chain management. These two parts are the main focus of Apple’s efforts and the core of understanding the terms of CSR. Apple measures the impact of their products on the environment using a method called ‚Äělife cycle analysis “, in this analysis they measure their carbon footprint (the amount of carbon and emissions), they include suppliers, customers, and their devices. It is always trying to find ways to achieve a huge positive results in their supply chain, especially in these major areas: manufacturing, facilities, product use, recycling, and transportation. And this impact on their products is calculated, managed and reported. Carbon footprint became a very important management tool for companies, and with this tool they can identify which actions should be taken or not. In order to improve efficiency and minimize the impact on the environment. Apple products are designed to be energy efficient, which have a small and lighter packaging, less energy consumption, without toxins, simple to recycle, also they use their own renewable energy, etc. In order to reduce their carbon footprint, they design each product to be energy efficient as possible. It is sourcing fewer carbon materials to produce the devices, also Apple is trying to add clean energy to their facilities with their suppliers. Furthermore, in 2016, 96 percent of the electricity used at Apple global facilities, retail stores, and date centres came from renewable energy, they reduced carbon emissions by nearly 585,000 metric tons. Now it is providing 100 percent renewable energy in 24 countries. Since many years, Apple designed some type of products in which the material is less used, therefore it generates fewer carbon emissions, for example, during the last years, the average total power consumed by Apple products has decreased by 57 percent. Now for example, the iMac uses 97 percent less electricity in sleep mode and is more powerful with a larger screen compared to the first generation. On the other hand, Apple is trying to eliminate chemical materials. It is working on the development of environmentally friendly materials which include recycled paper, plastic polymers and they found many ways to reengineering secondary materials. iPhone packaging is made with renewable material and iTunes cards are made with recycled paper. Apple is designing such products which are lighter in weight and consume less fuel during transportation. For example, Apple reduced iPhone packaging in the last years. Now they are shipping more iPhone boxes in each airline shipping container. Also, Apple has a professional Recycling Program, this program is used in many cities and colleges around the world where their products are sold. In 2015, the worldwide recycling rate was 70 percent and they are trying that exceed amount

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