Apple or any of the store websitesApple or any of the store websites

Apple released Beats solo3 wireless on-ear headphones in September 2016. This product offers headphones with superb features. As noted for the best in its class, it has a lithium ion battery with a life of 40 hours. Additionally, the battery has a rapid fuel charging feature; five minutes of charging will allow three hours of playback. Rapid fuel can be acquired when there is only a limited battery.  You can appreciate this extreme battery life as a result of the dynamic Apple W1 Chip. The W1 chip supports the convenience of the Bluetooth. All you have to do is push a button on the headphones, and access the settings on your phone or other apple device. Now you are linked. Ipads and Iphones work interchangeably with this product.        Another remarkable feature is the ear cushions. First, they are accommodating to your pleasure. You can easily modify the fit. Just like shock absorbers, the ear cups block noise. This will allow you to enjoy being attentive to what you are listening to, whether it be music, or a book. A permissive remote control is assembled into the right ear cup. This grants you to receive calls effortlessly, control the audio, and activate Siri.        The design of the headphones has countless advantages. The lightweight comfort is reassuring, weighing 7.58 ounces. These headphones have the ability to be folded up quickly for easy transport. Although, this product can also be utilized with the cord if desired. Red is the original product color. More than that, for every set of red headphones, a donation is applied to the AIDS foundation. Likewise, you can purchase this product in a variety of colors.There are numerous places to find this product. If you prefer going to the store to purchase the headphones, you can find them easily in more common places of business. For example, Target, Best Buy, Staples, Kohl’s, and Walmart. If you prefer to order this product online, there are an abundance of websites; most appropriately the Apple website. However, Amazon, E-bay, or any of the store websites can be accessed.       The price of the headphones vary a lot. As the price can be steep, it is contingent on the product. At 10 grams heavier than the previous edition, and the W1 chip, the product cost more to produce. Price is incredibly influenced on the place of purchase. If you are physical purchasing this product in a store, the price may vary slightly. Target is offering the headphones at $299.99. With an additional charge of $77.00 for the protection plan. This entails 24/7 support via phone/online. Coverage is granted for accidental damage, normal wear and tear, screen repair, electrical defects, and failure from drops, spills. Best Buy and Walmart offer this product when sales are running for 219.00. You may also purchase protection plans via Walmart and Best Buy for additional price. Staples and Kohl’s have these headphones for 299.99.  Whether you purchase the product in the store, or shop on the store website, the price matches.              Online purchase of the headphones differ as well. Apple charges 299.95 with free shipping. Amazon offers this product for 259.99 encompassing free shipping, warranty, and support. Now if you are shopping for the product refurbished, E-bay charges 159.99 with no tax and free shipping. Techrabbit is another refurbished site charging 139.94 without tax and free shipping.Promotional aspects of the headphones begin with advertisement. Beats utilize agencies to benefit their product. Ads are portrayed in their multitude of colors; neutral and bold. The ad highlights the excellent battery life and quality. Timing also contributes to promotion. Events such as Back to school, Labor Day, Columbus Day, etc. this product is advertised more frequently. Larger and bolder print promotes this product, as it attracts your visual field.               Billboards are a common promotional tool for this product. Commercials and radio advertisements are also utilized as verbal promotion. Facebook also promotes this product. Facebook has the ability to target a large audience. Social media promotes this product via contest, with discounted giveaways. Industrial stores such as Target, Kohl’s, Staples, and Walmart promote this product via in store promotion.