Approach targets to achieve by a certainApproach targets to achieve by a certain

Approach to sustainability Each year Marriott publishes new sustainability report, as each sustainable goal are met they set new targets to achieve by a certain year. Marriott’s sustainability strategy supports the growth of the business. Marriott’s new goals and commitments is set to be achieved by the year 2025. This includes:The fresh goals and commitments of Marriott that it is targeting to achieve by the year 2025 includes:•    Reduce water usage by 15%, carbon by 30%, waste by 45% and food waste by 50%•    To contribute 15 million associate volunteer hours, 25% of which will be skills-based, to capitalize on personal talents and on core business skills•    They want to Train 100% of their associates to know about the signs of human trafficking•    Implant human rights criteria in recruitment and sourcing policiesMarriott International is introducing an increasingly eco-friendly supply chain. For example, the company have replaced 24 million plastic key cards with ones that are made of more than 50 percent recycled material, which have saved around 66 tons of plastic from being thrown in a landfill. This is helping Marriott achieve their goals to reduce waste by 45%. Moreover, Marriott replaced 100,000 synthetic pillows to eco-pillows which are filled made from recycled bottles and there will also be coreless toilet papers (TreeHugger, 2009). In addition, they also introduced eco-friendly towel that do not need to be pre-wash which saves approximately 7.5 gallons of water annually (Marriott, 2009). Changes in customer behaviour about climate change is a growing concern in Marriott hotel chain as consumers are interested in reducing their own carbon footprint. Consumers are looking to be more sustainable and expect the same of the companies they patron (Greenstein, 2017). Consumers are more likely to prioritise and go to companies that adapenvironmentally sustainable business operations. Marriott is a leading hotel chains that tend to do so but if Marriott fails to address the environmental concerns of climate change, then the company will become less appealing to travellers. As demands of customers change, successful companies adapt. The Agenda 21 which is a which is a sustainable development process that aims to meet the needs of the today’s generation without harming the ability of future generations to meet their needs. People have started to take responsibility for the actions they do and trying to think about the future of the planet. This is not just the environmental issues but also economic and social.Kent mey et al (Paetzold, 2010) definition of greenwashing is “to try to convince people that you are doing something which is good for the environment by being involved in small environment-friendly initiatives, especially as a way of hiding your involvement in activities which are damaging to the environment.”. The Marriott international has spoken about being sustainable by reducing waste, saving energy, and saving water. But do they fully sustainable or is it to reduce money? There are signs of Marriott not being fully sustainable. Orlando World Center Marriott have fireworks show during Memorial Day Weekend, 4th of July Weekend and New Year’s Eve (Marriott, 2014a). Fireworks causes air pollution as It contain many poisonous chemicals such as copper, lead, and perchlorates (Borkhataria, 2017).Impact Assessment It is important for an organisation to measure sustainability to see if the strategies they have put in place are working and successful. Marriott’s sustainability can be measured by their usage of water and electricity, resources and how much waste has been produced.Marriott collaborated with Green Hotels Global, a tool which measures and presents environmental data of each hotel in the company’s portfolio, including waste diversion rates, room-night carbon and water footprints and other sustainability metric tools. This will help travel and meeting planners control the environmental impact to the destination (O’Neill, 2014). It will also help drive action towards achievement of Marriott’s environmental goals. Green Hotels Global’s methodology for measuring environmental performance follows the Hotel Carbon Measurement Initiative (HCMI) of the International Tourism Partnership and World Travel & Tourism Council. Marriott was an important participant in the Hotel Carbon Measurement Initiative (HCMI), which measure and report on the carbon footprint of a hotel stay or meeting (International Tourism Partnership, 2017). Marriott international have had many sustainability successes. In the U.K., a project at four Marriott properties saved a combined of an estimation of around 1000kWh of electricity through KiWi Power’s Demand Respond program who are an energy technology company specialising in demand reduction, to be part of numerous energy reduction schemes (Marriott, 2014b). Also, European managed hotels saved more than 20 million gallons of water in the year 2014 through a number of initiatives ranging from pump audits to efficient shower heads and water high-efficiency dishwashers (Marriott, 2015). Marriott have a total of 142 LEED registered and LEED-certified buildings. They provide a framework that project teams can apply to create a healthy, highly efficient, and cost-saving green buildings (Usgbc, 2017). In Marriott’s Sustainable report 2009 they had set an original goal of increasing the number of minority- and women owned hotels from 400 to 500 by 2010 but they exceeded their goal to 798 by 2010 (Marriott, 2016). This shows that Marriott are working hard to be social sustainability and their strategies are working. Marriott is consistently honoured for being one of the top company for diversity and inclusion.Conclusion Overall, Marriott International published policy and strategies are promoting sustainable tourism development in many ways. Nowadays, most people have a greater knowledge about sustainability which means they are more likely to target greener companies to cooperate with than normal companies. This leads to more and more companies wanting to be greener because it’s trending all around the world. Marriott Internationals can do more to encourage their guest to be more sustainableTo improve on their sustainability engagement with their customer, Marriott hotels could come up with ways to reward their guests for being green. For example, The Crowne Plaza Hotel in Copenhagen offers a free meal to their guests who generate 10-hour watts for the hotel on an exercise bike which is attached to a generator (BBC, 2010). This is something the hotel could do to encourage their guests to be sustainable. This will reduce carbon footprint as well as keeping the people fit.