April facecrime several times. Hate week is

April 2



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have arisen about 6079, also referred to as Smith, W. Our plan is to set him up
and allow him to go on with his normal dayorder. Little does he know that he has
already betrayed himself, our telescreens have caught him on committing
facecrime several times.

Hate week
is coming up and we are keeping a close eye on him. We have noticed that he
hasn’t been fully participating in the chanting at our assemblies.


His work at
minitrue has been questioned as it is obvious that he is very aware what he is
adjusting, since he is an older generation that can compare to the past. People
such as him, the ones with their oldthink minds are the ones that want to
destroy our doubleplusgood nation. However, we do not give them that power. We
make sure that the little flame of hope that has started inside them dies, so
it can never become a spark that can lit the whole nation.


Will keep
you updated,




June 1


Update on
the case:


Our plan is
right on schedule, we believe that with the ‘accidental’ bump against him, we
have gained his full trust. Officer O’Brien has shown to be admirable for his
plusgood acting, we had 6079 completely fooled. The spark in his eyes is what
set it off immediately. He thought the moment he had been waiting for had
finally come; he had been contacted by the ‘resistance’. Now that the trap has
been set, waiting is all there is left to do. He will sabotage himself piece by
piece, until we are there at the finish line ready to take him down once and
for all.


On the
other hand, the report on 6079 is expanding with committed crimes. In the time
that has passed he has spent a lot of time with the woman he met at the
pornosec in minitrue. It is unthinkable what these two have gotten in together
and they must be punished. Seeing this happening and not being able to do
something is pure torture. Fortunately, we don’t foresee any problems with
breaking the woman down. She doesn’t have the specific oldthink ideology going
on that 6079 has, she just seems to enjoy the ungood thrill of it. Easy catch
for us you can say.


We are
close, they aren’t suspecting a thing. We have them right where we want them
and they have no idea. It is just a matter of time now before we arrest them
and can clear them from all those crimethoughts. Their room provided by officer
Charrington, which they believed is unwatched is the place where they commit
their sexcrime. They should be ashamed of themselves, We have never felt
resentment to such big extent. This room however, has made us aware of 6079’s
fear, which we can use for his time in room 101.



August 18


Members of


We are a
few moments away from the arrest of the criminals that we have been following
for a while now. Our patience will finally pay off in the next period of time. They
will speedwise come to their senses, once the bubble of their little ideal
world bursts. We have been watching them for a while now through the hidden
telescreen in their ‘secret’ place. All that is left to do is wait for the
right moment to barge in and arrest them. The looks on their faces will be
priceless but they must have known that getting caught was inevitable, it was
doomed from the very beginning.


Room 101
waits upon them, ready to eternally cleanse them from their crimethought. The
thought of the room already breaks them down, as it is believed to contain
everyone’s biggest fear. In the end, they will love B.B like we do and honor
Oceania forever.


By the year
of 2050, there won’t be anymore of these people left to poison Oceania with
their contradictive thoughts. By then, everybody will speak Newspeak and the
days of thoughtcrime will forever be put behind us. The Youth League is our
future, a future in which B.B is worshipped by all. We must cling to this and
not let these criminals get in the way of our nation’s greatness.




August 25


Dear all,


We are glad
to report that we have arrested 6079 at last. He was a dead man from the
beginning and he knew it. We will now let room 101 do its work. That will make
him come to his senses. Credits to officer O’Brien and Charrington, your
delivered work has been very successful. He will finally see his wrongs and let
B.B’s love in at last. Once again, we have succeeded, as expected. To you all;
B!B!B!B!. Case closed.





W: 801










I have
chosen to write several letters from the perspective of the thoughtpolice ‘Thinkpol”
to their fellow officers from Orwell’s 1984. The goal of this was to show the
process behind Winston’s arrest, which is not shown in the novel. The use of language
is supposed to be mimicking the suspected speech the government uses around
each other which is Newspeak. For this, I have used a Newspeak dictionary and
tried to use these words effectively throughout the text but still keep it an
easy read for those that are not familiar with this language. This also
contributes to the targeted audience, since the correspondence between
government officers uses this language solely. I wanted to portray these
letters as a case file on Winston including updates throughout time, beginning
with the suspicions and ending with his final arrest at Mr. Charrington’s
place. This clearly shows the thoughtprocess of the police and gives another
look at the story since we only know Winston’s point of view.


There is no
set time, just an indication of the series of letters starting around the date
we first see written in Winston’s diary.


To keep it
anonymous I chose to refer to Winston as a number rather than with his name.
This is because I wanted to make it seem as if it was just a part of the normal
routine to arrest people that commit thoughtcrime and not give a personal touch
to it.


This task
corresponds with the Language part of the course, since it shows a creative way
of giving another perspective to the story sticking to the original way of
speech presented by the author. This is also why I chose for this text type
because letters allow personal thoughts to flow freely in a correspondence
between two people.











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