are as well as the Islamic religion,are as well as the Islamic religion,



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Art (music and movies)




food that is traditional food of Pakistan is replacing with western foods.
Tradition of home cooked food is replacing with fast food it can be seen that
either small or large size restaurants everywhere on road sides.  Readymade food is becoming part of our life.
Our household females give priority to readymade food or type of food which is
easy to cook

days soft drinks are becoming common and traditional foods are replacing with
it. Major change in our eating habits can be seen


is dropping English as its official language and switching to Urdu, a popular
language in the Indian subcontinent.

is just one of a number of languages spoken in Pakistan, but it retains a
cultural status as the language of movies and music as well as the Islamic
religion, while English has been more popular among elites and government

youth and elite class feel ashamed in speaking Urdu they think that they can’t
be modern until unless they speak good and fluent English. People feel proud in
speaking wrong Urdu or writing wrong Urdu. Now Urdu is written commonly in
roman Urdu instead of real pattern of Urdu.

education system also putting emphases on English language our youth is not
able to even speak fluent Urdu. It is considered that if you can speak good
English than you are an intelligent person and you belong from an elite class.

of internet is playing in important role in making English common because of
this demand of learning and speaking English is high. Many English speaking and
English learning institutions can be seen in our country. People take special
classes to learn English.

Family and relationships:

     Psychological disorders are raising in our
society like western societies divorce rate, suicides, crimes, sexual abuse,
rape is becoming common in our societies. Because we are forgetting our own
values and running behind the values of western. Joint family system was
considered as the trade of Pakistan now like western countries we are following
footsteps of them and nuclear family system is replacing joint family systems.
Families are now limited to father mother and kids. Grandparent’s uncle aunt
these relationships are not now considered as family in our culture family is
more private than in many other cultures.

relatives are protected from outside influences. It is considered inappropriate
to ask questions about a Pakistani’s wife or other female relatives and Loyalty
to the family comes before all other social relationships, even business.


homes are becoming common in our society respect for parents is not now same as
it used to be as our religion Islam put emphasis in respect of elders but
unfortunately we are forgetting teachings of our Islam . And behaving against
our values.




has a rich culture of arts and crafts which have in some cases been traced back
to the artistic culture of the Indus Valley civilization. 

examples of Pakistani love for arts are as follows:


ü Arabbic

ü Naqashiii-

ü Glass
Chooriyan is another popular and much loved art form in Pakistan which involves
the use of glass and other materials to produce beautifully adorned bangles.

ü Poettery

But our art is changing day by day these
speciality of Pakistan is now vanishing above type of art is can be seen


of Pakistan is represented by a wide variety of forms from
traditional styles that is Qawwali and Ghazal now Pakistani music is blend with
Western music.


 Pakistan’s national dress is shalwar qameez
but now trend is changing our official dressing is now dress shirts and pants
and in women it is also changing as dupatta is an essential part of our dress
but now women even don’t wear dupatta

And our fashion industry is also so much
inspired by foreign styles whatever id in fashion on abroad it is adopted by
our designers even they don’t hesitate in exhibiting revealing clothes

Festivals and celebrations:

Pakistan’s festivals are going behind and
western festivals celebrations are becoming common like Halloween or Valentine’s
Day infect now in our schools Halloween is celebrated

 As special event for joy of kids.

Our media also promote these events by making
movies on such occasions programs are made on these

Schools which are focusing on modernism
follow their festivals celebrations our youth is not aware of their own culture
and festivals

In our wedding ceremonies we can see the
touch of western culture according to Islam wedding ceremonies should be simple
but following western culture we are forgetting our teachings of Islam


Live in relationships or relationship before
marriages, concept of girlfriend boyfriend, are becoming common in our society
which is absolutely against the teachings of Islam. Our Islam has a clear
concept of halal and haram wrong and right but in race of running behind
western or American culture we are forgetting it.

People now don’t fast in Ramadan they would
like to follow their diet plans but not interested in fasting without thinking
about the importance id it. Fasting in Ramadan the holy month of Islam is not
considered important among youth even people smoke and eat publically.

Consumption of alcohol and drugs is becoming
common in youth and as well it is very common in our elite class they even
consider it modernism. But Islam forbids from such things.

Trend of dance parties and dance clubs are
also adopted from American culture which is also against the teachings of Islam
but now people don’t bother it.

Impact on our media:

Exposure to the
internet, movies, video games and different media of foreign countries are
playing an important role now our youth is addicted drugs, violence,
pornography, etc.