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Are you thinking of having a pet dog? Do you wish to
have a disciplined and dutiful? Attending proper dog training sessions before
getting started on training your dog is a great thing nonetheless this guide is
not a bad option either. For beginners this blog is a good read before starting
the training of their canine buddy.

The first and the foremost thing that needs to be
done is to check if you have the right dog for you? Yes, the most important
thing is to know what kind of dog suits you and your lifestyle. A wrong choice
in choosing your pup can lead you and your buddy to have a stressful life. For
instance, if you wish to have a dog that will just cuddle on the couch with allowing
you to relax then bulldog’s the one for you not a terrier!

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Keeping a dog is a long-term commitment and trust
me, most importantly is to have a dog that will match your lifestyle if not
completely then to some extent at least otherwise, get ready to face a havocked

Start off by giving your dog a practical name that
stands out among the regular flood of human speech so that it’s easy for you to
recognize his name when you call out for him. Use your dog’s name often when
you’re playing with him or training him or even petting him. Create a positive
association with his name so that he focuses on learning his name and responds
you every time you call out to him.

Scheduling your dog’s training is also a very necessary
step. You’ll need to give at least around 15-20 minutes a couple of times each
day to give your pup his training sessions. It is important to note here that
puppies have a short attention span just as toddlers do so, you’ll have to be
very patient and encouraging while you’re training your dog. Keep in mind
though that the training of your dog goes on during the whole day in a way as
your dog is learning from you every time you interact with him.

Choosing the proper equipment is another important
aspect that you need to be very careful about. A 6 foot long leash and a flat
collar may be all that you need to start, besides your treats. If you wish to
use other equipments like a ‘Promise Leader’ or a ‘No Pull Harness’ it is
necessary to consult a trainer for expert advice. However, keep in mind that
puppies do not need harsh treatment usually and larger dogs may need specialized
equipments but that too temporarily.

That’s all for now folks! Stay tuned for our next
blog on ‘Methods to Train Your Canine Buddy’