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Are you trying to lose weight? Are you
frustrated with your diets that do not seem to be working? Are you 200lbs or
more? We have just the perfect solution for you. Now we all know weight loss
and the means for achieving it can be a bit draining as the results do not come
as fast as we wish them to, even after days on an empty stomach, the weighing
scale could sometimes read higher than what you’d begun your ‘fast’ on. Here
are ten steps we have compiled together to help put you on a gradual journey to
that Ideal weight you’d feel great in.  

Change Your Mindset

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This is the first step, stop being negative
and set your mind to achieving your desired goals. Once you are mentally ready
to work out, that’s when you can involve any physical activities. If you put
your mind to it, no mountain will be too low and no river will be too wide.

Start Slow

The key to weight loss is consistency. So,
what you don’t want to do, is start at a really fast pace then burn out. Losing
two hundred pounds will not be an easy task and may take up to a year to
completely get to an ideal healthier weight. Five-minute walks every day for
two weeks would be a great place to start. Then slowly work yourself to longer
time, distance and a faster pace. Be careful to not overdo it as you do not
want to lose a day because you did twenty for the previous one. Get into a
routine and be consistent with it.


Now I wish there was a way to lose weight without
having to sacrifice all the good stuff. But as with everything in life, to achieve
success we have to learn to discipline ourselves and be prepared to make
sacrifices that would enable us to achieve our targets. What we consume plays a
great deal with regards to weight loss. While going on diets is not always
recommended, it is crucial that you develop healthy eating habits. Cutting down
on the carbohydrates and injecting more vegetables and fruits into your meals
would be a great place to start. Drink more water, start with a bottle a day,
remember what we said about consistency? And avoid fried food and sodas.

Set a Target

The targets you set about your weight have to
be as realistic as possible to reduce the risk of you working yourself up and
getting frustrated. The targets should be on activities rather than weight
goal. An example of a target would be to sign up with a Zumba class and stick
to it for a month. With activities in your mind, it takes the focus away from
the weight and you may end up finding an activity you enjoy doing and making
new friends with the same goals that you have.

2-week diet

Try out a 2-week diet plan that goes hand in hand with some exercise. You
have nothing to lose apart from your weight and I think that’s the whole point.
You must only consume highly nutritious food rich in nutrients and low on
calories. Try balancing your meal in terms of whole grains, healthy fats and
lean protein. Always seat breakfast. You should never miss it out because your
body goes 8 hours without food so it needs a top up for focus, mental and
physical energy.

Dieting Tips

Prepare your
meals for the whole week in one day.

Drink as
much water as you can. Always keep your body hydrated.

temptations. Instead of falling into the snares of junk food and unfitness,
cook food at home, this way you won’t need to look at the scrumptious cakes on
the menu.

Get some

Get 8 hours of sleep to allow
your body to rest and process the food that you have consumed. From previous
studies, it has been seen that this fastens your metabolism. If you get less
hours of sleep, you will be soon overeating.

The exercise just includes
morning walks and stretching exercises for 30 minutes each day.

7.      Choose the
right diet plan

There are aspects that you need to review
when choosing a plan. They include:

with your doctor so as to ensure that your health is not put at any risk.

Look at your
personal needs. You should know what you are aiming to do and how so as to set
the ball rolling.

Use safe and
effective plans. Don’t fall prey to the several frauds who claim that you can
lose a huge amount of weight rapidly and in a short window frame. Weight loss
is gradual and your improvements should be visible after a few.

The different types of diets

you are open to eat whatever you would like as long as the calories are
mentioned. It is a perfect long-term plan that you can consider.

FAD: this
looks at only a single type of food or a group of specific groups. It isn’t
flexible and can be tricky to follow up.

these include those that increase your blood sugar level. For example: white

High protein
diet plan: this is when you lower your carbohydrates and it may be hard to
stick to over time.

Low fat:
this is where you reduce the fat amount in your diet. Ana example is eating
lean meats.

this is where the meat is completely off the table and some even gone an extra
mile to cut out fish and dairy products.

Always pick a system that works for you. For
more details on the types of diets then check the following site:

Weight loss is tedious, do not lose hope when
you are convinced that you can’t see the progress, that is a minor setback that
should motivate you to go an extra mile with your diets and exercises.