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As a society canadians frown on all words and symbols that are offensive to races and minorities. In today’s society Canadians show discrimination to aboriginals or indigenous people through the elevation of hate and negativity through social inequality, racial profiling and lastly failing to show the true culture of aboriginal people by supporting stereotypes.When it comes to social equality aboriginal people encounter a wall. Social inequality has a big impact on indigenous peoples day to day lives. For example sports teams use very offensive indigenous names and mascots and have no regard towards to indigenous people, Using names such as Cleveland indians, washington redskins. These team and mascots take away the identities of an entire nation, stealing their names and replacing them demeaning ones. Social inequality merley depicts aboriginal people as either red skinned, feather and face paint wearing creatures instead of real people who have suffered under residential schools and stripped of their land.The Living standards of native or aboriginal people are quite different from those of non aboriginals. For example racial profiling causes indigenous people face higher unemployment rates, fewer promotion, because the “white man” does not see these people as capable of becoming ceo or even owning their own companies in the workplace industry. One problematic predicament that still exist today is police profiling. For example pulling over an indigenous driver because the officer believes the driver is under the influence of alcohol or other substances. Many officers seem to overlook aboriginal people solely based on their skin color.Finally, these images fail to show the true culture and identity of aboriginals by supporting stereotypes. These false characterizations illustrates racism is not the only problem aboriginals face. many sport team logos such as the Cleveland Indians, Chicago Blackhawks, and Washington Redskins feature stereotypical feathers, face paint that are extremely religious, objects that aboriginal people see precious. These names and mascots fail to identify aboriginals as human beings with feelings but instead prove how stereotypical Canadian society is today.All in all, canadians discriminate against aboriginals because of social Inequality, racial profiling and failing to show the true culture of aboriginals people by supporting stereotypes. This then heightens the hate and racism because its fails to depict aboriginal people in a positive way.