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As Adam Wentworth lays in his new bed in his new house, he is terrified of what the day has planned for him. He hasn’t slept at all the night before as he is going to his new school. For many people, this might not be a big deal, but for adam it is a nightmare. Adam is just not like other boys, he has always had a hard time fitting in. He has never had the gift of social skills so instead he likes to read. He will read any book given to him, it’s the only thing he finds joy in. He wants to be able to fit in, he wants to be a popular kid with lots of friends, but it just won’t happen.Adam had lived his whole life in Boston, Massachusetts but he has just recently moved to a new part of town in a new school. He was bullied so bad that he begged his parents to move schools. Adam would love to be homeschooled, but both of his parents work and they cant afford to hire a private teacher. So after a while of convincing, his parents were able to save enough money to move into a nice house on the other side of town where he would attend South Latin school.¨Wake up Adam *cough* *cough*, it’s time for you to walk to school¨ said Adam´s Mom.¨Oh rats” Adam muttered to himself. ¨Can’t I go tomorrow mother, I think I am sick.¨¨No way¨ Adams mom replied back ¨I’m not falling for that again, get up right now.¨As Adam gets ready for school, he is terrified of what is to come. On the walk to school he thinks to himself that he should just run away and never come back. Adam hates school, not for the reason that most kids hate school, he hates school for the people that go to school.As Adam arrives at South Latin school, he is hesitant to walk in. “Come on, you can do this, this is what you wanted” Adam mutters to himself. “It won’t be like the other schools, this one will be different.”On the first day of school, he is introduced to Master John Lovell. John was a caring man, he wanted to help adam get situated in his school. “Adam, I spoke to your mother and I understand that you have had problems with other students in the past.”  ¨Yes, I suppose.¨ Adam replied back¨Adam I am here to help you learn and be successful at my school, feel free to talk to me about anything that may be affecting you or your school work.¨¨Thank you sir.¨As Adam prepares to go to class, there is a lot going through his mind. He walks into the small classroom shaking with fear, all eyes are on him. The assistant teacher introduces him to the class.¨Everyone, this is adam. He transferred from a school across town. I want you all to make him feel welcome here.””Hi Adam.” says the class.  As Adam sat down, his heart couldn’t stop pounding. He cant stop thinking of his past school experiences. He sat down next to a girl named elizabeth. She had sandy blonde hair and pale blue eyes. He tries to say hi but no words come out. He is completely frozen.  As the day goes by, he finishes his work earlier than all the other kids. He finds a book in the classroom and begins to read. In the middle of his story, a bigger kid named william knocked his book on the ground. He looks up to say something but doesn’t have the nerve. He decides to ignore him and go back to reading his book. In the back of his mind, Adam knew that nothing changed in his life, and he was stuck with bullies no matter where he went.As Adam walks home, he is not happy with how the day went. The teachers were nice to him but the kids didn’t even acknowledge his existence. Adam was hopeless, in his world of despair.  As Adam walks in his house, he can feel that things are only going to get worse. He admediatly sees his mom lying in bed looking like she is in horrible pain. He goes over to talk to her but she doesn’t respond, she is too weak to even talk. He walks in to his father’s office and sees his dad talking to other man. He is around 5 foot 11 and looks to be in his late 40s. His hair was braided and fancy, and he wore a wealthy man’s outfit. ¨John, if I help you pull it off, can you save my wife.¨ his father whispered nervously¨I cannot guarantee your wife’s survival, but I can promise I will do anything in my power to help her.¨ The man replied back¨That’s not enough, I could be hung for this act. My child can’t lose both of us.¨¨I have brought you the best doctors in Boston and I have provided you with whatever you need. The Sons of Liberty see your potential and we want your help. What should we do.¨¨We shall discuss these matter later, my son will be home from school at any time. Good day to you sir.””Good day to you as well.¨Adam pretends that he didn’t hear anything and walks into the office.  ¨Dad who was that man?¨ Adam says nervously¨He is um, mother’s doctor.” Adam’s dad replies backAdam could feel emotion coming and he couldn’t let it out.”Is mom okay?¨ Adam whispers holding back his tears”Your mother will be better soon, go to your room now.”Adam could tell that his dad was just saying that, but he went to his room anyways. He knew that it wasn’t going to end well and he knew that there was nothing he could do. At school the next morning, Adam heard something big happened in Boston Harbor and he was very interested. He went straight to his dad’s office but the door was closed this time.¨That’s odd, he never has his office door closed.” Adam whispers to himselfAdam could tell there was somebody else in there with him. He could hear talking and he starts to listen. All of the sudden he hears someone walking over to him from across the hall. He runs to the table and sits down. A man walks into the room and introduces himself to Adam.”Hello Adam, my name is Dr Howard. Me and my assistant Dr Adams are caring for your mom right now. Do you want to come in and say hello, your mother is getting better and she would like to see you.”Adam followed the doctor into his parents bedroom. He saw his mom, she was laying in the bed.”Adam!” Adam’s mom shouted the best she could.”Mom your okay!¨Adam was so happy to hear his mom’s voice and see her smile.”I thought I lost you mom. Your ok!””I’m still very ill, but I will be better soon I promise.” “Go now and do your homework, I need to rest”When Adam went back into the kitchen, he looked back at the office door and it was still locked. Adam was still interested in what happened in the harbor so he knocked on the office door to ask. Knock, Knock. No Answer. Adam went to knock again and the door finally opened.”What is it adam, I’m very busy right now.” Adams dad whispered.”Father, I had heard that something had happened in the harbor, Do you know? Adam replied backAdam’s dad looked sort of guilty when he heard this, Adam did not know why.”Um, uh some rebels I believe threw some tea off a british ship. Nothing to worry about.””Ok, uh i’m going to go get my homework done.”Adam was very confused, he did not know why his dad was acting weird. Adam is a very smart kid and he can tell when something is up. He knew that the same man from last night was still in the office and then he remembered the conversation between the two. Adam’s dad was supposed to help the sons of liberty with something so they could save Adam’s mom. Who were the sons of liberty? Adam had to find out.