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the definition, biogas is a type of biofuel that naturally produced from the
decomposition of organic waste. Biogas uses the mixture of methane and carbon
dioxide. Biogas can be used as an energy source for light, heat or movement and
human activity. In this century, some countries especially in Europe already
produce and use this kind of methods because this method has low cost and
really important for the future as the alternative methods. Biogas utilizes the
products that already not useful anymore such as household waste, agricultural
waste, industrial organic waste and animal’s feces to be the new product with
so many new functions. There are so uses of biogas, but there are four main uses
which are used as an alternative fuel, an alternative LPG, organic fertilizer
and also decrease pollution.

for daily fuel needs, biogas can be used as an alternative fuel for the machines
and it must be used now and also for the future. As we know, in this era, we
always need machine, like for the car or motorcycle, industrial utility and the
others. The problem is all kind of machine needs fuels. But, the stock of usual
fuels must be decrease every year. We can imagine if we don’t have an
alternative fuel in the future. But now and in the future, we can use biogas
process as the alternative. Based on the journal written in 2013 by N.H.S Ray, biogas
also can remove some kind of gas that cause rusting and oxidation for the machine
like sulfide and oxygen.

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            Among the issues of increasing
prices of LPG, biogas also can be used as an alternative for Liquefied
Petroleum Gas (LPG). As we know, we mostly cook some food with LPG stove. And the
price of LPG is always more expensive and it will give big problems for some
people. They couldn’t buy LPG because they don’t have enough money. But, in the
future biogas can be the alternative answer as the substitute for LPG.
According to an article written by Hussein Yusuf on Jakarta in 2014, Executive
Director of Energy Watch Indonesia, Mamit Setiawan, said that materials to
produce biogas as an alternative for LPG can be procured from garbage
facilities, home wastes, and even farm waste such as cattle feces.

            For the environment, biogas also has
a big advantage because biogas product can be used as an organic fertilizer.
Organic fertilizer has so many advantages for the environment. Based on the
research by Marros Lestari, there are 66 tons of solid substances and 166 tons
of liquid substance from biogas fermentation product that can be used as the
component of organic fertilizer. The component of organic fertilizer doesn’t
have dangerous chemical substances. As we know that chemical component
fertilizer will give dangerous effect to human’s body. There are so many kind
of substance such as nitrogen, carbon, and ammonia that are very dangerous for
human. Now, biogas is the answer for reuse organic component to be the
agriculture fertilizer.  So, the
agriculture products will give healthier products and nutrients for human’s
consumption than the agriculture products that use chemical component fertilizer.

            The most important advantage is
biogas can decrease pollution, especially air pollution. Biogas needs the
mixture of carbon dioxide and methane, so it will be automatically decreased in
air pollution. Based on the journal written by a scientist named Kendal Z, in
2013, biogas can increase the amount of clean energy available and make an
incredibly rich and mostly free pathogen based for organic fertilizer.
According to the survey from The Eco Expert, Indonesia is the seventh countries
that produce so much pollution, such as air pollution, water pollution and also
household pollution. Biogas can reduce this kind of pollution to be the
renewable energy and product. If Indonesia uses more biogas, it will also
decrease dangerous smoke production due to the burning process. So, biogas is
one of the implementation of Go-Green campaign.

             There are so many other kinds of biogas advantages.
So, biogas will be one of future methods in Indonesia, and governments must
prepare this for the future. Because, a survey from the ministry of the environment
and forestry tells that there are more than 7200 ton waste in Indonesia, and
60% of the waste can be reused for biogas process. Therefore, biogas will be
the answer for the kind of problems in Indonesia in the future. 

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