As perspective through the training at international

As a student of experimental physics, the foremost significant
aspiration is to observe and develop visit the world class laboratories. Then
as a teacher to broaden the perspective of the students and to provide the
students with a clear understanding of the concepts pertaining to physics, I
feel that there is a dire need to meet the international level of coaching and
application of more effective methodologies.

I will certainly acquire new ideas to make the facilitation of experimental
science more interesting from the students’ perspective through the training at
international level and discussion with the people from around the world.

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CERN has one of best laboratory around the world where they achieve
the highest energy to accelerate the particles. As an experimental physicist. Especially
for Particle Physics, CERN is regarded as world’s best place of learning. I, as
a person from a developed country has an urge to acquire the international
level of teaching Physics. I would also like to establish links between our
institution and internationally reputed organizations, like CERN, to inculcate
novel ideas and teaching strategies to broaden the level of understanding of
our students and teachers, as well.

There is a set of prescribed practical in the course, but serve
more as an “add-on’ task relate than developing or contributing the concepts
acquisition or its building. When I learned in my place of work is to me, investigating
and inquiry as a mean to explore a concept. Therefore, I see getting related
for CERN as a means of satisfy my learning as an experimental physicist.

As one of the physics teacher responsible for designing, the
physics part in curriculum for class 7-11, my desire is to learn how to
overcome limitations of lack of experiments, especially in the field of
particle physics. I am looking forward to learning from experts at CERN and
other teachers from around the world, how they overcome similar limitations. And
there are software would like to simulate the computational physics. I and my
colleagues can motivated and engage 13-16 years old buddy scientists with
experimental particles physics.  

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