As though medium such as local andAs though medium such as local and

As a communication officer, it will be utmost important to merge United
Nations’ SDG agenda and objective with local partner private and government
partners and collectively address concerns which are most important in
Balochistan such as gender equality, provision of quality education in rural
areas, clean water and sanitation and good health and well-being. I believe
that concrete liaison between UNDP and other organization in Baluchistan will
be the key to identify districts which are most poverty stricken 


Due to limited understanding of the SDG agenda in Balochistan, it would
be imperative, as a communication officer, to undertake an effective
communication plan which would involve research
and situational analysis, identifying target audience, market communication
budgeting implementation and monitoring and control.

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Research and
Situational Analysis


As a communication officer, an overall review and research of existing
marketing plans and communicating process will help to better develop an
enhanced strategy which would involve advertising, public relation publicity,
direct marketing though medium such as local and national newspapers, magazines
and airing the SDG’s mission objective on radio stations. Online communication
mediums such as Facebook and Twitter will play a crucial role to highlight
UNDP’s statement of work and will help the organization to engaged coherently
with the civil society and local population members.


Identifying target


The primary target audience for SDG-led projects in Balochistan would be
the private and civil society, provincial government bodies and departments, external
on-the-ground NGO’s, students in the geographic area who seek further education
facilities; female in rural areas who seek gender equality, including other
working class professional. Strong demand for development plans in Balochistan
are much needed where majority of the population live below the middle-income



Budget implementation.


A successful budget implementation will completely rely on ‘precise and
coherent communication’ and ‘support from the executive management.’ The
communication officer should clearly communicate the expectation and
performance which could be attained via the implementation of the integrated
communication plan which is to be attained via budget targets followed by
evaluation and support by senior management executives.


Also, should the need arise, general account features such as invoicing
and other debit/credit notes services should be integrated and maintained in
transparent manner.


Monitoring and


Concrete monitoring and controlling of the SDG agenda in the province of
Balochistan would be most essential. As a communication officer, consistent
project management communications with relevant stakeholders is crucial.
Improvement plans, cost management concerns and stakeholder management plan are
required to be reviewed from time to time, ensuring that the objective and
scope of the SGD agenda in the most deprived province are not compromised.