ASSESSMENT collection, I found out she wasASSESSMENT collection, I found out she was

                        ASSESSMENT (Knowledge)


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Theory based approach entitles nurses to analyse
patient/client situations in more attainable manner and also helps nurses to
organize the bits of every day’s experience into decision making tool.
Theoretical perspective leads nurses to formulate the best interpretation and
analyzing techniques into more evidence based practice.  When nurse’s uses evidence based practice in
a consistent and diligent manner, they become competent enough to control the
situation and attains positive outcome of their care, also able to communicate
effectively with the care team members. A health care organization entitles
specific nursing theory to standardize the nursing practice/policies within
their organization.

For example:

When I was working at XXXXXXXX Hospital, India I met Mrs. X
for the first time in Ante natal clinic

ASSESSMENT:  Mrs. X  appeared to be cooperative in the examination
room but looked worried / frustrated about her pregnancy, As I continued with
my History collection, I found out she was 18 years old, married, Homemaker , 5
months pregnant (First pregnancy ) , she lives with her Husband (Farmer) and
mother in law (Homemaker)

Mrs. X requested for more information regarding the prenatal
health teaching and Labour process (Not enough educational background)

DIAGNOSIS:  Knowledge
Deficit about prenatal health teaching and Labour process related to
unfamiliarity with information resources

GOAL: To have a successful and healthy pregnancy

INTERVENTIONS: Planned regular follow up visits and
encouraged to involve in free yoga and prenatal classes

EVALUATION: Mrs. X has verbalized the understanding of the
resources and interest in joining classes


As I discussed above I was able to contemplate the care plan
for Mrs. X with my clinical observation and assessment skills.  By applying evidence based practice I
improved my skills and knowledge using clinical observation in day to day experience
in my nursing practice.