Asset needs, purchase of assets to upgradeAsset needs, purchase of assets to upgrade


1-apna karobar loan

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U microfinance
bank restricted offers singular credit

Office against
individual assurance for miniaturized scale business visionary to back their
working capitals necessities or buy asset in extension of their business and



                            Loan facility up to
pkr 75000

                            Loan tenure from 6
to 15 months

                            Free loan insurance in
case of death/permanent disability

                            Loan facility
against individual guarantee

                            Loan repayments in
equal monthly installment


and enterprise loan


U microfinance bank restricted offers a stretched out financing
choice to business segment their developing business needs to buy capitals

What’s more, make speculation consumptions.


Basic features

                             Loan up to pkr 500000

                             Loan tenure up to
15 months

                             Loan facility
against gold ornaments

                             Monthly or lump
sum repayments options





U microfinance bank limited offers loan facility
for salaried individuals to provide them access to funds to fulfill their
emergency needs up to 150000 without any worry.


Basic features 

                             Loan facility up
to pkr 150000

                             Loan option for government, semi
government and private sector

                             Loan disbursement
with minimum turn around time

                             Loan repayments in
equal monthly INS








4-livestock loan


U microfinance
bank constrained offers animals advance office to meet the developing monetary
necessities of live stock area .the credit might be used for domesticated
animals fattering,rearing,

livestock exchanging and for buy of draining goat and sheep farming, purchase
of any animals related tools,equipment,implements and so forth

Basic features

                       Loan up to pkr 150000

                       Loan tenure up to 12month

                       Loan facility against
personnel or social guarantee

                       Monthly, quartery, half yearly,
yearly replacement options


5-karsaz gold loan



U microfinance
bank constrained offers singular advance office for smaller scale entrepreneur,
agriculture, livestock business dare to meet their working

Capital needs,
purchase of assets to upgrade their business and salary against

Insurance of
gold bullions, individuals, retired people and house spouses for crisis needs.
loan can be stretched out for house redesign.

Basic features.


                       Loan facility up to pkr

                       No guarantee requirement

                       Immediate loan facility

                       Loan repayments in
monthly installments or lump sum payments

                       Embedded credit life


6-U zari qarza


U microfinance
bank constrained offers agri passbook financing office to its profitable client
to help them in meeting their basic and periodical business needs buy of
working capital,seeds,fertilizers,pesticides,machinary devices, and gear
enhancing water system framework for edit creation..


Basic features.

                       Loan facility from 5000
to 150000

                        To finance agricultural needs for
purchase of fertilizer, seeds,pesticides

                         Agricultural tools and

                         Loan facility without
any personal guarantee

                         Loan duration 6 to 12