Astronauts preference.To prevent leakage and to enableAstronauts preference.To prevent leakage and to enable

 Astronauts wear space diapers too!!! There’s nothing to be embarrassed about when it comes to adult diapers, especially when you don’t fall under the ‘elderly people’ category. These adult nappies are known for aiding the elders to handle incontinence but at this point, many people are wearing it, not only for medical conditions, but for circumstantial situations too, for instance when they don’t get access to toilets or attending a concert, or even when going on a road trip. When I said astronauts wear them too, I meant they wear the diapers to prevent unnecessary toilet breaks during long spacewalks.   Medical condition or not, most people choose to hide the reality about the conditions that cause them to wear diapers, due to discomfiture. This resulted new names for adult diapers to arise in the market, such as incontinence pads and briefs. There are many problems that would give away diaper wearing adults, especially when the waist part of the person appears bulgy or urine odor that slips out of the pads, or even when the wetting gets leaked and stain the clothes.   There are ways to handle the situation when wearing diapers. The more comfortable you feel in diapers, the more confident you will become. Do not be ashamed about this, instead tell them why you wear it, giving them more reasons to understand the issue. If you are still not ready to tell the world, it’s okay, just make sure to keep yourself hygienic by changing from time to time. To avoid leaked stains to be seen, pick clothes with non-distinctive colors to hide the leak. Don’t’ wear tight clothing, this is to prevent your inner wear to be noticeable. Let’s not forget the rashes that you get if you wear diapers too long, so keep a bottle of lotion at all time to moisturize your skin.Different types of adult diapers have been designed for both men and women in the market these days, not the conventional disposable diapers to stylish diapers with Velcro and pocket, making sure comfortable as the main preference.To prevent leakage and to enable the wearer to take part in recreational activities, there are diapers such as pad and pant and waterproof pants that are worn over the diapers to stop leakage. If you want it all, there are diapers for that too, known as the all in one cloth adult diapers where they can prevent leakage,provide good air circulation and easy to wear. Whatever you choose, always give privilege to comfortableness and don’t be embarrassed.