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Athrv bajpai                                                                                                                     Professor CheathamEnglish 10017 th January 2018                           The Girl Who Risked  Her Life to Save Village Dying Culture  A hero is a person who can endure danger and is not afraid to face challenges. In the movie, Whale Rider, there are great examples of Joseph Campbell’s article, Four Functions of Myth, which are: mystical myth, cosmological myth, social myth, and psychological myth. In the film, Whale Rider, Pai discovers her sense of self as she reinvents the Maori tribe creation myth to save the dying culture. It all started when her twin brother died which ade Koro disappointed because he was hoping that the boy will save the Maori dying culture by becoming the chief. According to Koro, Pai was a disgrace because it was a abnormal for a girl to participate and practise within the traditional warrior school. She was least interested in the limited roles of what a women is set out to do and refuse the limit of her learning in the ritual warrior ancestors. She was very keen why she is neglected every time she tries to participate in any cultural activities of the maori tribe. Koro made it clear that she is an embarrassment to him and the maori community because back in his mind he had the thinking when she was born her twin brother and her mother died.Campbell mystical myth in Whale Rider would be when she rode the whale , as she is supposed to be the new chief in town but however her grandfather does not think a girl can be a chief because he thinks it will break the tradition of the tribe and would violate the culture, as only a boy could be a chief. Pai grandfather would always speak to the whales for advice , which are said to be their ancestors. The people started losing their hope for a new chief and Koro was aware of this fact , that’s why he wanted his ancestors to help him out. As all the children in their community failed to bring the whale tooth through which they can be considered as a chief. According the Pai “A long time ago, my ancestor Paikea came to this place on the back of a whale. Since then, in every generation of my family, the first born son has carried his name and became the leader of our tribe…until now” (Whale). Due to this reason Koro had to follow this tradition, but it was time for a change in the maori tribe as the ancestors knew the only way it could happen if Pai would become the new leader of the tribe. When she rode the whale the community got a new hope which reunited them how they used to be in the past, they were blessed that Pai was born as a girl and the community and tribe wouldnt have done it without her.Campbell cosmological part of the film is portrayed by showing how the tribe was before Pai was born and how Koro had to follow different rules and laws. Tribe had to follow many rules and regulations before Pai birth as a example Koro had to find the next chief for the maori tribe. When his son got his wife pregnant Koro was supposed to choose another boy for the position of the chief in town. Koro sons had fratenal twin, but unfortunately the boy couldnt make it and Pai survived which made Koro very sad, as he was thinking to give the boy training for the chief but now he was depressed of this fact rather being happy at least he has her. Pai said “There was no gladness when I was born. When I was born, my twin brother died and took our mother with him” (Whale). This shows Koro had no concern for Pai when she was born because all he ever wanted was a boy who could lead the tribe, but afterward Pai became the new first female leader of the tribe and the tribe changed their perception towards boys being chiefs only. In the Maori tribe the men had their place and women had their places and everybody got a role to follow .Campbell sociological myth of the movie was that everyone has a different way they live there lives in , they had set of rules to follow. This is the reason the tribe and community are they way they are right now , the only person who followed all the rules and regulation was just Koro because he was once the chief of the whole community and had to show how to take command and influence the the younger people how they should become in near future. Koro initially broke the tradition trying to find a male to be the next chief in town thats why the ancestors were not listening to his calls because he wasnt supposed to go out and find one by himself. He would supposed to choose the next child his son had but rather he neglected Pai as she didnt appear to him .  Furthermore, his pursuit of a new heir to Paikea nearly destroys his household. His obsession causes his wife to consider divorce and Pai’s spirit falters under the old man’s continual disapproval (she sobs uncontrollably after Koro doesn’t show up for a school performance). When his search for an heir fails, he retreats into his bedroom and silently wastes his days on his bed.Campbell psychological part of the film is when Pai wanted to show Koro that she can be the next chief of the town ,even if she is a female. According to Pai gender does not matter which she wanted to explain to her grandfather , she valued her community more than anything else. When Pai was about to leave with her father she heard the whales making noise as a indication for her to stop , if it wouldnt for whales she would have left with her father then there would be no chief, as if the whales knew that she is the one deserved to become a chief. Yet as much as she tries to prove it her grandfather she couldnt because he had his mind fixed on a boy so he couldnt see the efforts she made even as a girl. But Pai had faith and hope on her efforts ande she knew one day she would make a difference in   the tribe if she stayed. Everyone loved her in the community except her grandfather whom she loved with all her heart.