Automotive and Diesel are basic fuels inAutomotive and Diesel are basic fuels in

sector is the biggest sector in the world which uses various fuels as well as
automobiles are easy and reliable source for transportation and power
generation. The power developed by an automotive is basically depends upon the
fuel used for combustion. Gasoline and Diesel are basic fuels in liquid form
which are extensively used in the world from last century. These fuels are
derived from crude oil, which is available in limited quantity in the world.
The demand of fossil fuel is rising rapidly because of increase in automobile
vehicles due to which the resource of crude oil are depleting rapidly. This
situation will create a problem for energy crises in the future. In fact, with
a worldwide increasing number of automobile and a rising demand of emerging
economics demand will probably rise even harder. Transport fuel demand is
generally satisfied by the fossil fuel demand. However, resources of these
fuels are decreasing, prices of fossil are expected to rise and the combustion
of fossil fuels has adverse effect on the climate.

dependency on fossil fuel is increasing day by day but the combustion of these
fuels and also effecting the environment of the earth. The greenhouse gasses
are increasing due to increase in number of auto vehicles on the earth.
Although efforts are made by various countries to fix the value of exhaust
emissions coming out from the automobiles. Still there is a lot of work to do
for achieving of the hydrocarbon fuels with same alternative fuels like
alcohols, ethers etc due to their compatible properties with hydrocarbons.

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75 percent of the total crude oil of India is met through imports. Total import
of crude oil by India was about 189.238 MMT which cost about Rs. 8,64, 875
Crore during 2013-14. The total production of crude oil was 37,778 MMT in
2013-14. In recent years, the consumption of crude oil in India has been
increasing at an annual rate of 5-6&. ( MoPNG,2014). If the use of alcohol
as engine fuel is encouraged in India, then apart from saving foreign exchange,
the farmers would be motive to cultivate the crops like potato, sugarcane etc.
In a large manner and this will increase the production of alcohol through
which the air quality increase.

In future, the air
pollution will be very worst by transportation because of increasing
deforestation and number of vehicles. In a report of world health organisation
on air