AVID The AVID program is unique becauseAVID The AVID program is unique because

AVID stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination. It is a college readiness program made to help students develop the skills they need to be successful in college or university. The program places special significance on critical thinking, organization, growing writing, and reading skills. The AVID program is unique because the curriculum focuses on developing behaviours that lead to success and building skills. Some of the skills I learn from AVID are Cornell note taking, and binder organization, these become helpful in my challenging courses, such as honours and Advanced Placement classes that I’m required to take as an AVID student. I an AVID student has learnt how to approach a challenging program through tutoring, practising my writing and research skills. AVID has helped me as a student explore different careers and learn about the college application process, which helps get the message across that learning is not limited to one course/subject or classroom.A lot of people expect extraordinary things of me and I know I should give it all I’ve got because AVID has influenced me to do my best at all times.when I start something I always have to finish it, no matter how hard it may be. I always try to give it a shot even if it’s impossible I try to make it possible. Avid is a great class to take because, to be honest, all it does is prepare you and help you get into colleges no matter your academic situation because no matter what’s wrong with your grade AVID can help you. That’s why every AVID student is required to sign a contract that basically tells you what to do if your grades are inadequate. The AVID program is not just a place for tutorials and keeping your grades in order, it is a place where a group of people who eventually become friends, come together and see how similar we are and work towards a common goal. “AVID  to me represents an opportunity”.