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BA 633: Information Systems InfrastructureCase Study 1 –  Due Jan 28 –  Mohammed Ali ShaikDiscussion Points:Discussion 1:Data warehouse has emerged to play an important role in this competitive world. Especially master’s cards data warehouse has playing crucial rule. Business intelligence enables credit card giant and its customer settle on more powerful business choices.  The executives of MasterCard quickly got research to find data warehouse concept by their IT people because of huge advantages. MasterCard administrators normally required a detailed business case legitimizing IT venture suggestions, yet for this situation, the officials right away perceived the proposed information distribution center as a vital move to give MasterCard a focused edge. At some point of time, MasterCard usage was just around 25% of charges for product sold over all utilizing MasterCard whereas visa was 50%. Even visa is a business leader but MasterCard production of information stock room, master cards improved its utilization to 31%. Many financial institutions that use MasterCard depend on backdrop of visa exchanges to give data to focused advertising and business arranging.  Banks should utilize this data to arrange with aircraft to give ultimate offers and make happy with theirs deals to customers. Master card should make deals with clients such as airlines, ecommerce, business clients to give best offers to customers. So, that it can expand its customer bases.Discussion 2:credit card runs a combination of homegrown and rancid-the-shelf analytic equipment to discover buying developments, credit score card fraud, and different beneficial statistics. The enterprise can correlate and examine transactions determine a customer’s interest or locate anomalies that endorse a card has been stolen. MasterCard offers financial institution clients get entry to these tools, in addition to custom reports. A number the signature packages furnished by using MasterCard is its Portfolio Analytics suite of BI and reporting equipment. This suite includes a wide range of widespread reviews that permit members examine transactions every day, week, or month and evaluate the results to one of a kind parts of the USA, different elements of the arena, or predefined organizations of similar banks. Any other famous tool is the MasterCard marketing center, which facilitates its clients monitor, examine, and increase campaigns to increase use of their cards. for instance, a card issuer in los angeles would possibly use the data to peer how many cardholders spent $25 or greater in January and February on wearing items at Wal-Mart shops. Then it might advise to Wal-Mart a mail advertising campaign before the opening of baseball season, tied to heavy spenders with an affinity to the Dodgers or Angels. A card issuer in new York town ought to use credit cards BI and reporting gear to discover patterns in eating place costs for its maximum prosperous cardholders. This records could be used to broaden an “insider’s manual” to NYC “hidden gems for meals and wine” to proportion with pick organizations of other MasterCard holders. Larger client will benefit most with help of analytic tools.Discussion 3:    Tap and Go payments are being made through customary plastic cards yet in addition with new installment gadgets, for example, cell phones, watches, or stickers – the strategy for decision of the individual buyer. Travel, from open transports to roadway tollways, additionally keeps on offering a portion of the best open doors for contactless. MasterCard Pay Pass is being tried and utilized at a portion of the world’s busiest worker centers to enhance the speed, comfort, security and unwavering quality of travel frameworks by showing money and obsolete frameworks. Cell phones are at the focal point of a crucial move in buyer’s regular lives. MasterCard is helping buyers utilize their telephones in everyday exercises, enabling them to leave their wallet at home and depend on their cell phone.Versatile installments are at the cutting edge of advancement in electronic installments furthermore, remain to profoundly reshape the way we consider installments and budgetary administrations. The adaptability of the cell phone furthermore, the persistent propels in innovation which appear to take put at very fast speed imply that the cell phone is equipped for conveying all kinds of administrations which can viably be joined to influence the installment to understanding more differing and helpful. Portable contactless or nearness innovation permits quick tap-and-go installments yet additionally empowers clients to get virtual markdown vouchers and amusement content from what are called brilliant publications. It additionally empowers portable handsets to get installments going about as portable POS terminals. This flexibility will guarantee that the aggregate advertise estimate for portable installments will be extensive and we evaluate it to be $680 billion by 2016.Discussion 4: MasterCard Pay Pass is a “contactless” feature included on MasterCard cards for no added fee. It lets you pay for purchases at MasterCard Pay Pass on accepting locations without having to swipe your card and in most instances a signature is not required.Pros of pay pass:Handy as you just need to “faucet and pay” the usage of your credit score card or mobile telephone without keying in a PIN or signing a receipt. offers you peace of mind as you’re included against fraudulent transactions. Reduces chance of hackers who can also scan playing cards and steal treasured facts as NFC makes use of data encryption when sending sensitive facts. Value and time green for the common patron. You do not have to fear with typing errors (inclusive of incorrectly typing on your PIN) and connection is faster at the contactless terminal. Outlets no longer have get admission to your credit card information. You’re able to hold tune of rewards and use points on your purchases made in espresso shops or miles redemption. a few banks even provide coins back and prizes while you operate this option. Handy and quick checkout payments manner lesser queues and lining up. Cons of pay pass:only a few but have followed to this technology so it might create confusion or frustration amongst customers. now not all purchasers are knowledgeable on this era. Only customers with smartphones or those with Pay Pass credit score playing cards can use this generation. You could lose your credit score card and your account can be compromised. Threat of adware or malware attacks and different viruses like all computer device in the terminal. You can’t exchange the restriction or select the restriction in keeping with transaction as chosen by using the bankSystem Outages: Information for digital wallets are stored on the cloud of business servers; therefore, the risk of a system malfunction or shut down is always present. Thus, businesses will not be able to process payments or they will become increasingly slow due to high traffic in the servers. Security Companies must ensure that their customers’ information is encrypted and well protected. They must develop security systems that are as safe and full proof as possible to avoid potential security issues.Pay Pass Wallet Services is an attempt to expand it to online stores and mobile phone users. Merchants want flexibility to easily accept digital payments so they can convert more browsers to buyers. MasterCard plans to allow banks, merchants and other partners to use its own technology to create their own digital wallets. It will also distribute developer tools to allow other digital wallets to connect to the Pay Pass acceptance network, allowing their customers to make purchases online or in stores that accept Pay Pass.Discussion 5:A cellular fee system works via presenting two parties in a transaction with a single touch factor, which include bank or credit score card service or a price-provider issuer. Mobile payment technologies are defining the following generation of commerce. stores faceseveral demanding situations in adopting these new technologies. The retail payment transactions have been initiated by using an in-shop factor-of-sale system that reaches out to the payment processor for authorization. With the emergence of mobile bills, clients can now initiate bills thru cloud-primarily based cell programs that don’t require a POS transaction. Given this, store places are confronted with real boundaries in successfully managing the coming influx of cloud-initiated transactions. One widespread problem individual shops will face is how to account revenue from, and fee of, cloud-purchased goods sourced domestically from their save website. There are few answers that connect the cloud transaction to the unique shop website online in which the products are offered, consequently, the reduced inventory can’t be reconciled with revenue generated on the particular shop website. Unless this trouble is resolved, there will be little adoption of cell cloud to local POS payment applications. The stores will lose potential income and payment companies will fail to expand their marketplace opportunity.Resources: