Background shareholders. Up to Dec 2016, IBBLBackground shareholders. Up to Dec 2016, IBBL

of study: This
report has been prepared for the purpose of completion of my undergraduate
studies in business at University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh. I have worked in General banking department of EXIM Bank Ltd, Satmosjid Road
Branch, Dhanmondi, Dhaka. In this report, I will try to a
comparative study of financial Indicator between EXIM Bank Limited & Islami
Bank Bangladesh Ltd for the (year 2011-2015).

Of its very beginning, Exim Bank
Bangladesh Limited was known as BEXIM Bank, which stands for Bengal Export
Import Bank Limited. But for some legal constraints the Bank renamed as EXIM
Bank, which means Export Import Bank of Bangladesh Limited. This bank have 2743

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Islamic bank Bangladesh ltd. Is the
pioneer Islamic banking is Bangladesh. Every one known as IBBL. It is founded
12 March 1983 with Mr. Arastoo khan (chairman) & Mr. Abdul Hamid Miah as
the managing director and CEO. It has 36.91% local and 63.09% foreign
shareholders. Up to Dec 2016, IBBL has 318 branches including 58 AD Branches
& 03 Off shore Banking Units as well as has more than 13,500 staffs. In
addition, its own 497 ATM Booth.

EXIM Bank Limited and Islami Bank
Bangladesh Ltd both Bank are shariah based islami bank in Bangladesh. They
practice Islamic shariah banking low`s. Islami bank Bangladesh ltd. was founded
before EXIM bank ltd. I try to find out growing financial performance in EXIM
Bank against Islami bank Bangladesh ltd. 

Objective of the Study

Comparing major financial
indicators of EXIM Bank and Islami Bank to develop an understanding of their
financial performances from 2011 to 2015.

Mythology of the study:

For preparing this internship report information are mainly
collected from the annual report of the several banks, particular banks website
and journal. The various ratio analysis that are applied in the internship
report are picked up from the banks. Because of the report specific meaningful.
Financial indicator between two bank find out which is best.




1.4 Types of Study:

My study is both
qualitative and quantitative in nature. I used Excel to analyze the data I
collected and then tried to describe the major differences in the results of
the two banks.

Scope and limitation of the study:

internship report study data from secondary source. Topical data collection
from annual report previous five years data analyzed. As per Bank’s security concern, as
an intern I am not allowed to work in cash and clearance department. Time
limitation of internship period.