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Background InformationAccording to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), there are more than 22.5 million refugees in the world coming from the top three countries which are Syria, Afghanistan, and South Sudan and there are more than 65.6 million people that are displaced in the world. Refugees are leaving their home countries in order to stay safe, stay healthy, or evacuate as a war-torn society. These refugees that are in need of medical help are mostly in countries that have a deficient health care or not able to get enough resources to support everyone. As refugees leave their home to get medical help for themselves or their beloved ones, it becomes a possibility that they might turn into one of the people in the world that are displaced. Also, according to the UNHCR, in America, out of all the people who enter America as a refugee, only 1% of them are relocated and can find an efficient health care while the others are still displaced and are in crisis.Proposed SolutionsProblems like unsanitary tools and utensils, lack of resources, or the lack of help for health problems are what cause the need of medical help for everyone in that situation including refugees. The delegation of Iraq’s main solution is to have a system where it could be operated online, by phone, or even just going to a nearby pharmacy or hospital to give a notice. When we receive the notice, we will have a large group of medics who will split up and will be sent to a designated area where they will come to you and help. To make sure that they can get emergency medical help, in almost every place that a refugee lives, they will have a lifeline that goes start to a hospital to help. Another solution this delegation has is to have a way that refugees are able to get to a refugee camp or another country safely and in the quickest way possible instead of getting hurt, injured, or even dying just trying to find a safe home. This would include having quick transportation like trains(if close by), sturdy ships, and maybe even planes to make sure no one is harmed unlike the shipwreck in 2013 where 7,000 people died in the Mediterranean Sea in order to get to a refugee camp in another camp. These solution will help refugees be able to have the proper medical care they need instead of getting even more injured as they try to survive.