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Balanced ScorecardBalance scorecard is a business basis used for tracking and handling an organization’s strategy. With this strategy, the company capable to describe their strategy, measure the strategy and track the action toward the result to make a better action. This Balance scorecard was presented by Kaplan and Norton on 1992. There are 4 significant outlooks shown in diagram 2.0            Diagram 2.0 In financial viewpoint, how we see our shareholders?, it perspective shown that balanced scorecard allows us to define and analyse in our financial objectives, as well as breaking down the possible approaches and action plans necessary to realize our financial targets. Table 1.0Balance scorecard in customer outlook contribute DBF objective pleasure their customer by making a relationship with their customer. Having a good relationship, can assist their profit as indicate in the financial outlook. Besides that, this strategy also helps DBF to organize an initiative to boost the financial performance so that DBF can provide an incentive or reward to the customer. By providing the reward to the customer when having a relationship with the DBF may help to increase of 10% potential customer and able to attain its objective. (Table 2)                      SMART AnalysisS.M.A.R.T is stand for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely that shown on diagram 3.0. To obtain the objective organizations need to relate with smart analysis because it can help management to increase their chances of success. In example we use on financial, customer, internal business and learning & growth perspective, it relate to the SMART analysis on objective and measure on table 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 and 4.0.        Diagram 3.0  What Get Measured Get DoneIn this part it indicates that how the organisation will accomplish their target. It demonstrate that if the company manage to construct a proper plan, the targeted goal will smoothly achieved. It appropriate for all due to the fact we have to putting our goal to make certain that we on the right track. Customer perspective usually use by organisation to recognize approximately their product or services via first-rate or performance. This point of view indicates its performance through 12% of customer feedback or delight. On this method, supplying a high excellent of services had have become the goal for DBF Company because terrible consumer offerings had led them losing 15% of its clients in 2013 and 2014. Besides, by applying this approach DBF may want to measure 12% quantity of purchaser that buying and satisfy with the policy. They had been additionally able to estimate their quality of services by referring quantity of customer grievance and to indicate their level of performance. Table 2.0  Value Chain AnalysisAccording to, Value Chain Analysis is a useful tool for working out of how to create the greatest possible value in clients.This approach is sets of activities that utilised by organisation to generate value for customers by communication specifically in activities in performing services and effects the profits, that assist company to recognise the source of value in organisation. In DBF Company, most of the sales executive were unfamiliar with the details of the scheme (initiative to reward customers with a discount if they renewed their motor insurance) and did not mention it to customer. This is occur because there is lack of communication between them. The top management should take a step in providing clear information and directly explain towards their staff so they keep updated. In addition, company initiative is a core to enhance teamwork so they pull together within different department so that the desired change can be enforced. Table 3.0              Diagram 4.0 Kotter & Schlesinger Change ModelThere is a model to prevent or reduce resistance to change in organisations. There were four reasons that some people are opposing change is parochial self-interest, misunderstanding, low tolerance to change and different assessment of the circumstance. This Kotter & Schlesinger approach is fit with education and communication.The objective of learning and growth is enlarge human capital job and employee matters. This approach can help in controlling the resistance. Training or other forms of education enhance the employees to have a better understanding and good in communicating. The second initiative of learning and growth is facilitation and support. This approach is anxious with allocation of special training, counselling and time off work. Besides, the finest way to overcome the conflict to change is to guide and instruct people about the change of effort forehead. Nevertheless, this approach assist employees to recognise the logic of the change effort and this will alleviate DBF Company overcomes the issue of minimal education qualifications which were inadequate for the jobs related to them. Table 4.0 Financial Perspective Objectives Measures Targets Initiatives  Double size of its revenue by the end of 2018. Since 2015 revenue growth rate only increase 10%, so decide for year 2016,2017 and 2018 increase 25%, 30% and 35%.   To measure the successful it can be look at the increasing the number of new services, promoting profitable service insurance, and develops new customers and market.   Increase sales services. The target for 2016 40%, 55% for 2017 and 2018 is 65%.   Boost marketing and advertising of insurance service. Nowadays it’s efficient by do it in online networking and may reduce cost for printing advertisement.   Provide high dividend yield to shareholder.   Increasing in profit reflect to the Increasing on pay dividend yield by 10% for every year. Manage share price by communicate with shareholder about company performance.   Increasing earnings before interest and taxation 10%, 15% and 20% respectively for the year 2016, 2017 and 2018.   Reducing cost example direct cost or indirect cost. Increasing % ROCE shown that efficient in use investment financial and generate high profit.   Table 1          Customer Perspective Objective Measure Target Initiative  Ø Provide a high quality of services   Ø Increase 12% of customers buying and satisfy with insurance policy  Ø 12% of customer complaint   Ø Increase 12% than last year of new agent and customer’s retention.  Ø Decrease 12% of complaint.   Ø Improve DBF worker in skills and knowledge   Ø Having Customer partnerships   Ø Enhancement 10% of potential customer   Ø Potential customer increase about 10% from last year   Ø Provide customer value proposition and provide incentives or reward.   Table 2              Internal business Perspective Objectives Measures Targets Initiatives 1) Utilize great IT products sufficient for day to day work in the office 1) Monitor work requirements with PC?s capabilities every three years 1) Reduce complaints from employees about their IT working materials 1) Upgrading PC?s and software every three years 2) Assign innovation strategy to increase process productivity and efficiency 2) Record participation from each office position in the company during meetings 2) Introduce innovative work methods quarterly each year 2) Hold monthly meetings in each department to discuss innovative work processes  Table 3Learning & Growth Perspective ObjectivesMeasuresTargetsInitiatives• Increase human capital job and employee issue – Skill – Training – Knowledge• Screening the qualification of staff(assessment)  • Give training to the employee; to add knowledge and build skill that can apply the nature of DBF business.• Employee develops with high education and gives bonus for employee.• Human resources management – best practices for company recruit, train, motivate, reward and retains its worker.• Invested in new technology• Always tally the system with nowadays trend• Use new software with highly technology to the employee• Sent the unskilled staffs for training and learn to practise new technology apply by company. Table 4