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Based on the research done, the Smart dustbin system
was invented to overcome the problem such as overflowing trash, irregular trash
management and also the present of bad smell because of it. Rather than using
the old system of dustbin collected management which the trash will be
collected every two (2) or three (3) weeks, this system of Smart dustbin is
created. This happens as the dustbin will detect if the trash has reached the
threshold height, it will sent the signal to the authority. The level of trash
inside the dustbin is detected using either Infrared (IR) sensor or Ultrasonic
sensor. Before this, the information about the level of dustbin is sent to the
authority by using the application of Bluetooth and also message via mobile
phone. There is also a creation of Smart dustbin that can give a message to the
authorized control room through GSM system. This garbage or dustbin monitoring
system is a very innovative system which will help to keep the cities clean.
Today, most mobile phones are a ‘smart phone’ which offers more advanced
capabilities in connectivity issues than regular cell phones


Since nowadays
the internet connectivity is something that everyone would have since there is
a present of data connection, the project based on the Internet of Thing is
search and done. Internet of Things, or also called Internet of Objects (IoT)
is a wireless network between the objects. The things (embedded devices) are
connect to the internet and sometimes can be controlled from the internet.
Since people are now tends to depends on internet connection, there are a lot
of applications of Internet of Things that can be seen around the world such as
IoT parking lot, IoT energy consumption, IoT building management, IoT home
security and so on. So, in order to catch all these advanced technologies, the
idea of combining the IoT with dustbin is gained.

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There are many
factors that need to be considered when designing the IOT Cha-Box system.
Previously, no one had ever created or innovated the charity fund by using
Internet of Things (IoT) applications. The concept of this Cha-Box system is
actually quite as same as the concept of Smart dustbin that has been innovates
before. But, the present of the application of Internet of Things make it as an
innovation that is more unique and useful.


In the recent years, the population growth have been
increase rapidly which leads to the more disposal of good items. Hence in order
to ensure a proper management system in the collected the donated items, this
system is made. Through this, the managing of the charity box is by monitoring
the status of it and accordingly taking the decisions. In this project, it is
the combination of knowledge in the field of telecommunications and also
computing. The C programming to PIC knowledge was also used, studied and
applied to the control circuit when doing this project. As a conclusion, the
IoT Cha-box system was introduced after the combination of the Smart dustbin
system and Internet of Things (IoT) idea.