Based the change you want to seeBased the change you want to see

Based on what has happened in the past, what is going on now and today I think we can make a guess for the future. Discrimination will continue in the future, it is something that always one individual and more will keep doing. For the audience I have a short question about this: If this continues in the future, but also today how will discrimination affect you and the people around you.It hurts. It de-motivates people and also their self confidence. They start to think, am I right? Am I good enough for this world? Can I do any better? How should I change? People are not supposed to change because others around them are discriminating them and making them less confident. They are themselves and they are not supposed to change for one individual that decides to discriminate and hurt them. A quick example is the U.S. The police there kill black people with little consequences thinking they are black so they must have done something wrong. These black people are given the blame more than white even though they are completely innocent. Also, police kill lots of refugees at the border with mexico which are innocent people.How can we stop this whole idea of discrimination? Help someone, stand up for someone when someone else is doing something that is not right. Get to know other people more instead of judging them on their appearance and just ask them if they want to join during a lunch break. It is everyone’s job to try and make the smallest difference because when all of us do something little, it ends up being big. It’s not on me to change you, but try and change yourself. If we all want this abuse to stop we have to do it together. During this whole time, you may have been wondering why I am talking about this topic and how this connects to my fantasy? I believe and feel that my ideal world would exist of no discrimination, no hatred, but mainly love! To end my speech I would like to use a quote by Mahatma Gandhi ‘Be the change you want to see in the world’