Before following messages, answering telephone, making check-inBefore following messages, answering telephone, making check-in

Before practical semester 
began , deciding  on  where 
to work  and  successfully complete  practice 
was not  so  easy 
for  me. Because  I 
was  looking  for 
the   workplace  where 
I  would  develop 
my  skills,  engage 
with  the tasks  that 
were  strongly connected  with 
my  studies and  could 
gain valuable  experiences.
For  two 
months of  my practical  training 
semester  I  worked 
in  Excelsior Hotel & Spa
Baku. There  I  worked 
in the  front  office 
as  a  guest 
service  agent  and had 
responsibility  in  coordinating 
many  essential  tasks . But 
in  my  second 
workplace , Acapulco Resort & Convention  Spa , the general  director 
defined my position which  is  the 
assistant  of  waiter ,busser  in 
Food & Beverage  department .I
had to mention that it was  the  first 
time  that  the 
hotel  employed  Azeri  
students. In  both  workplaces, I always  tried to 
do  my  best 
and  fulfill  the tasks on time . By  working 
in  different  positions, I already  obtained 
valuable  experiences that  I expected to 
gain and  as  well 
as  improved  my 
language  skills.


1.3  Role 
and  position

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In first  two  working 
days  in  Excelsior 
Hotel, I  worked  as  a
night  shift  receptionist .My colleague  taught 
me  how  to 
work on  opera  system 
in  which many  tasks including  check –in and check –out  procedures, 
making  electronic keys  for 
the  rooms , mainly  making 
reservations  are  done. In the 
first  days the  manager 
and  colleagues  assisted 
me  in  not 
having  troubles .My  main works 
were listed  like  this: making 
reservations, following  messages,
answering  telephone, making
check-in  and check-out  procedures, preparing  keys 
for  the rooms, checking guest’s
requests, following handover, etc. But 
in  Acapulco Hotel, as  a 
busser , my  works  were 
greeting  the guests, presenting
the  menus , taking food  and 
drinks  orders , giving  the 
bill, then  cleaning  the environment , arranging  the 
tables  and  chairs 
in the same line at  the  end 
of  every  day ,removing the trash  from 
the  restaurant ,etc.


1.4  Reflection of 
theoretical knowledge  in work

The  lectures I
learned  in the university  assisted me 
to do  my  works 
to  be productive  and 
professional. Owing to the 
lecture  of  Tourism 
Consumer  Behavior ,I  learned 
how  to behave  with 
the different  customers  and 
tourists that  each of them  has 
their special offers  and  wants 
and  so  I 
had  not  any  problems  with customers during  my 
practice. I also had not 
difficulties  in  working 
with  computer  and 
making  graphics, charts, etc. To
tell  the truth ,my second  work as 
a busser  did not  require 
any  theoretical ,educational
except  language skills. All in all,
I  did my 
best  in my   work 
by  relying  on 
my  educational skills.


 1.5  Conclusion

To  sum  up, 
during  these  five 
months  I gained  a lot of skills ,experiences from making
reservations , payments ,check-in and check-out 
procedures  to taking meal and
drink orders .Overall  l learned  how 
to  handle  with difficult  situations and  overcome them .Although  I had 
some  mistakes ,I always
tried  to benefit  from 
them. And  I am sure  that 
these  gained  skills 
will  always  assist 
me in my  future  career.
















2         Reflection  Report

2.1  Introduction

For  taking
advantage  of the international  internship ,I was  searching 
for  workplaces  that 
could  intern  me. After 
giving  the  interview, I 
gained  the chance  of  having  internship 
abroad, the  Turkish  Republic 
of  Northern  Cyprus. Here it  should 
be  mentioned that  we 
were  the first  students to have  internship 
in  Northern  Cyprus. Because  of  not  having 
residence permit ,I completed  two
months  of  practical 
training  semester  in 
Baku ,in Excelsior  Hotel & Spa
Baku. After  two  months, I continued  practice semester  in Turkish 
Republic  of  Northern Cyprus, in  Acapulco Resort & Convention Spa .

In the  first  part of 
this  report,  organizational  structures 
of  two  workplaces 
where I  worked  will be analyzed respectively  according 
to  their  identity 
model. In  the  second 
one , internal  and  external 
dimensions  will  be 
described. Following  this,  we 
should  go  on 
with  the  comparisons 
between  the  educational 
skills  obtained  during 
the  lectures  and  
rewarding  experiences  gained  
during  practical  semester .Finally , personal  statement  
and  what  I learned 
from the  international  internship 
will  be utterly  considered 


2.2  Organizations

Excelsior  Hotel &
Spa  Baku 
operates  since  2005 
and  is  one 
of  the  luxurious 
and  five –star  hotels 
in  Baku  and 
located  in a 15 minute drive  from 
Baku  Airport. It  features 
luxurious  and  well-maintained  interior 
and  exterior, doorman and  airport transfer services, multilingual staff  speaking 
mainly  in   English, Russian, German, etc. The
reception  and  room 
services  are  available 
for  24 hours. With experienced
,friendly  staff ,free parking  areas, room 
amenities  including  mini-bar ,high speed  Wi-Fi, Excelsior  Hotel 
welcomes  guests from all  over 
the  world  with a spacious  lobby. The 
hotel   consists  of 
two  buildings: the  first 
one  is for   accommodation , the  second 
building  is  Aura 
Spa which offers sauna  and  massage services ,gym and  outdoor 
tennis court , fitness  center,
wellness center, table  tennis , indoor  pool , hot 
tub and  so on .All of  these  
services  are free of  charge 
for  hotel’s  guests except 

My second  workplace ,
Acapulco Resort & Convention Spa, 
located  on  the shore 
of the Mediterranean  sea ,
is  one 
of the most  beautiful  and ancient holiday  villages 
in  North  Cyprus. Acapulco  Hotel  was founded 
by  Unal  Caginer 
who  started  his 
business  with  two 
bungalows  that  were 
built for  the rest of  his 
family. In the  first  years, main 
customers  were Germans and  Austrians .In 
1983, 80 % of  the  hotel’s customers  were Austrians. Over  time , it 
had  229 bungalows  and  52
rooms. According  to  the hotel project that had  recently 
carried out , the  hotel now  has 
about  660  rooms. The 
hotel  is located  on an area 
of  100.000 m2 and  possesses its own sandy  beach. Acapulco  has 
182  Villas, 261  main 
building  hotel  rooms, 156 and  248  rooms
in pine  court 1 and  pine court 2 
respectively. All  rooms  are 
equipped  with  direct line telephone , air  conditioner, 
shower cabin, minibar , hairdryer, satellite  broadcasting 
TV, etc. Acapulco Hotel mainly 
consists of three parts: convention center  exclusive for conventions, congresses  and special 
events , casino that  has  216 
slot  machines   and 
spa & wellness center offering a unique  Spa 
comfort  in  an 
ambience. Being  one of the best
family  hotels  in an 
island, Acapulco Hotel  offers
high service quality  and friendly  service to its  all guests 
from the  kids  to  
the  adults.


2.3  Internal 
structures of  both  hotels

2.3.1  Human 

Excelsior Hotel & Spa Baku is  run by 
Turhan Poyraz  who  is 
the  general  manager 
of the hotel  and  has administrative jobs , oversees
departments including  sales and  marketing, human resources and their  managers. When  the manager of the human resources hire the
new  employee mainly  for 
the  department  of 
front  office , he  considers 
some  aspects specially computer ,
language  skills mainly  Russian 
and  English and  educational knowledge. The majority  of 
employees are  Azerbaijanis .
By  comparison with Excelsior Hotel,
Acapulco  Hotel  employs 
mainly  people  from 
Turkey , China, Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan, North Cyprus   and 
interns students from  Turkey  and 
Azerbaijan. In both  hotels , the
manager  of  human 
resources  undertakes  the 
responsibilities of  planning  flexible 
time  schedule  for 
employees ,safety prevention  and
paying the  wages. Compared  to 
Excelsior, in  the  first 
ten  working  days 
Acapulco Hotel  usually  employs each 
worker  without  day 
off. And it provides the workers with 
free  accommodation  and bus 
service if  they  need 
and  mainly  are 
hired  from abroad.

2.3.2  Role of sales department  and 
the source of  finance

For  both  hotels , the 
sales  and  marketing (advertising) department  plays a key 
role  in  generating 
revenue by  involving  tourists 
from  all  over 
the world via  their  websites 
and  sometimes  arranging 
tours abroad. Both hotels sign a contract with travel agencies  for selling their rooms  on their websites. Excelsior Hotel & Spa
Baku mainly works with, [email protected] (destinations of the
world) sites. But  Acapulco  Hotel 
cooperates  with the  agencies 
Maestro ,Akgunler, Koshezadeh, Tursan , Master Cyprus, Puzzle, etc.
Similarly, each hotel  receives the
highest  profit from the hotel guests
and  customers having  dinner 
in  restaurants , Belvedere  and 
Aqua Bar & Restaurant  in  Excelsior  
and  Acapulco  respectively  
in the  summer  months .

2.3.3  Locational 

When we  take  the location 
of  both  hotels into 
consideration,  receiving  of   so 
many  customers from  all over the world  by 
these hotels  becomes
understandable. Both  hotels  are located close  to the 
main  airports: Excelsior Hotel  is located 
in a 15 minute  drive  from 
Baku  airport  and nearby 
Haydar  Aliyev  center , Acapulco Hotel & Convention Spa
is situated  near  Ercan 
Airport. The  another  advantage for 
Acapulco  Hotel  is 
that  it  is 
surrounded  by  military out-of bounds  area and sea It makes the hotel  more secure place.

2.3.4  Organizational  culture 
and  expectations

Excelsior  Hotel &
Spa Baku  possessing  2 
royal  suite, 1 imperial
suite,  9 Duke ( standard) rooms , about
45 heritage rooms  and  4 
crown suite  carries out  the 
strategy  of assisting the  practical training  of 
the  students. After they  acquire 
the  skills  under 
the  control  of the professional  and 
kindly staff, they get  the  chance 
of providing  with  the 
work  in  relevant 
departments  according  to their 
skills. The  hotel  generally 
looks  for  employees 
that are  responsible ,multilingual  and  get 
along  well  with the clients. Because  of 
both  hotels receive the guests
from  all 
over  the world , Acapulco  Hotel also  tries 
to employ the  people  that 
can  speak  in many 
languages and have  experiences  acquired from 
the former works .

For  both  hotels 
, the  main  perspective 
is  to design  the 
services for  accommodating  the 
needs  of  the 
all  types  of the 
customers .Excelsior  Hotel  expects 
to raise the  sales  by 
decreasing  the  prices . But 
Acapulco  Resort  Hotel  aims  to 
keep  the  sales 
in the peak  by providing  best 
services  and  opening 
new  hotel, which  is 
named  Acapulco  Bafra .The 
construction project  of  Acapulco 
Bafra  Hotel  has already 
prepared  and  it 
will  be  specialized 
in  providing  services 
for  people who are  engaged 
in  different  types 
of  sports.