Being and the perspective I have gainedBeing and the perspective I have gained

Being of the
leading producers of premium cars and world’s prime manufacturer of commercial
vehicles with a worldwide reach, Daimler Trucks North America would not be the
success it is without enthusiastic, service-driven associates and managers. Your
job posting for a Human Resource Internship stems from my belief that I have
the right combination of training, experience, communication skills, and high
levels of organization that make me a qualified candidate.


As an associate
or management intern, I can bring a passion for working with others and the
perspective I have gained though academic preparation at Wayne State University
and four years of experience with Central Transport in the billing department.
As a human resource intern I will be able to collect valuable information
that’s guides performance and improvement plans, ultimately providing the
rewarding opportunity to improve Daimler Trucks North America as a whole, but
also individual employees.

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Working as a
billing analyst and auditor in the billing department, taught me how to
anticipate customer needs, effectively work as a team, and deliver service that
keeps customers coming back. I have an Associate Degree in General Business,
from Macomb Community College. My forthcoming Bachelors Degree in Management
has thus far encompassed such courses as human resources concepts, marketing
fundamentals, communications and business information systems, prepare me to
thrive with in-depth awareness of contemporary management issues and


I believe this
is a position where my passion for the industry will grow because of the Daimler
Trucks and North America opportunities you provide for your employees. I would
appreciate the opportunity to meet in person to further discuss my experience
and the value I can offer you as a Human Resource Intern. I am available by
phone at (586) 214-5686 or email at [email protected]