Belgium a diamond trade. Antwerp is knownBelgium a diamond trade. Antwerp is known

Belgium is the best country to travel to as it gained their independence on October 4, 1830. One of the most beautiful countries is Belgium. It has fascinating landforms, special holidays, and delectable food. Belgium is the most exotic and attractive places to visit. Belgium is an alluring place to go to as the cities are very beautiful as well as the capital. The capital of Belgium is Brussels. Belgium has many notable cities. The notable cities are Brugge, Antwerp, and Ghent. Brugge and Antwerp are located in the Flemish region, while Ghent is located in the Northern region. Brugge is a notable city as it is known for being a romantic city, with famous chocolate shops. It has a population of 117,000 people. (“The Major Cities”). Another reason Brugge is famous is because of all of the windmills and birds that they have. Antwerp is another notable city. It has a population of 470,200 people. The people of Antwerp are involved in a diamond trade. Antwerp is known as a fashionable city as Belgium’s fashion designers go to school here. The last notable city is Ghent. Ghent is known for their port and universities. The population is 237,250 (“The Major Cities”).The relative location of Belgium is it is located on the North Sea coast, south of the Netherland, east of France, west of Germany, and northwest of Luxembourg. The absolute location is 50.50°N 4°E(“The World Factbook). There are so many landforms in Belgium and the seasons are very warm. One type of geographical features are mountain ranges. Belgium has two mountain ranges the Ardennes Forest and Botrange Mountain. The Ardennes Forest has a deciduous and coniferous forestation. There are also many grasslands. It has over forty inches of rain per year. The Botrange Mountain has a 2,277 feet elevation (“Belgium). Another geographical feature in Belgium is the Meuse River and it is 590 miles long. Belgium has many coastal plains in the northwest and in the central, they have rolling hills. It has many valleys such as the Sambre Valley, Meuse Valley, and the Vesder Valley. These are located in the upper and central part of Belgium. Belgium has mild winters, cool summers, precipitation, and it is humid. It has the highest rainfall in Europe. The snow falls for an average of thirty to thirty-five days (Leen). There is approximately twenty-eight inches of rain in the coastal region (“Belgium”). The average summer temperature is 77°F(25°) and the average winter temperature is around 45°F(7°C) (Briney). Belgium is intriguing because of there holidays. The unique holidays Belgium has are Cinema Novo, Festival Van Vloanderen, Procession of Holy Blood, and the Ducasse of Mons. The holiday Cinema Novo is held in March and last ten days. It is an international film festival that contains full-length films, short films, and documentaries. Festival Van Vloanderen begins in April and ends in October. It is performances of dance and classical music. The performances are held in public venues. The Procession of Holy Blood happens in May. This is where the relic of the Holy Blood is paraded for one mile. There are 1,500 towns people are chosen to parade the relic. (“Belgium-Holidays”). Ducasse of Mons is in June and it is a re-enactment of St. George and the Dragon legend, which is a battle of good and evil.Belgium is fascinating as it has luscious food. A few, unique appetizers Belgium has are Moules frites. It is mussels with a plate of Belgium fries. A Rum Omelette is another type of appetizers. The ingredients are eggs, caster sugar cream, butter, and rum. (“Top 10 Belgian Desserts”). A main course Belgium has is Filet Américan which is a minced ground beef, topped with American sauce. This is served with fries and bread. Chicon Au Gratin is a main course in Belgium that is made with endives. The elves are each wrapped in a slice of ham, topped with béchamel sauce and melted cheese (Thomson),There are many desserts in Belgium. One dessert is the Mattentart which is a sweet puff pastry, with a filling of curd cheese. Stofé is another dessert that has cottage cheese blended with meringue and bitter and sweet almonds. The last unique dessert is Snoep which is gum arabic that comes in a variety of flavors (“Top 10 Belgian Desserts”). There are many drinks in Belgium such as Kriek, Cantillon, Hoegaarden, and Lambics and Gueuzes. Kriek is a cherry flavored wine while Hoegaarden is a white beer. Catillon is micro brewed beer and Lambics and Gueuzes are oak-aged beers. Also, the drinking age in Belgium is sixteen for beer and wine (“Belgium-World”). Belgium is not just known for there landforms, holiday and food, but they are also known for their attractions. The two attractions Belgium has are the Bouillon Castle and Mons Belfry. The Bouillon Castle has three drawbridges, dungeons, and a torture chamber. It has a unique, layered defense system to protect the castle from intruders. Mons Belfry is home to the Baroque belfry. The bell tower s eighty-seven meters high with a forty-nine bell carillon at the top (“10 Top Tourist”). Belgium is the most exotic and attractive places to visit. It has many notable cities such as Brugge, Antwerp, and Ghent. They have many landforms such as valleys. The weather in Belgium is very temperate, humid, and cloudy. Belgium has many special holidays and luscious food. The tourist attractions, Bouillon Castle and Mons Belfry, are one of the many reasons why Belgium is an attractive place to visit. Belgium is one of the best places to visit.