Bird behaviors, everything about him was beingBird behaviors, everything about him was being

Bird watched as liquid flowed from the bottle to the shot glass. Krupnik Premium Vodka. The honey flavor would likely mask the Rohypnol. The tablets laid on the table, next to where the bottle had once lain. Discreetly, Bird dropped the five tablets into the glass, stirring to speed the dissolving. Soon after they went in, the tablets disappeared into the liquid. To ensure that the drug was not detected, he added a hearty amount of sugar, and the drink was done. As he finished stirring, he placed the drink in front of the target. He needed this to work. His career and the future of Mamba depended on it.Abiram Dirix was just your average guy – except for the fact that he was a big-time leader at possibly the largest military weapons company in New York. Hammer, Inc was a project he’d been following since its inception in 2014. It had been a long seven years, researching and developing equipment for the army.He didn’t expect this to be an interesting day. It had gone just like the others. Today was Thursday, his day to go to the bar. Unbeknownst to him, he was being watched. His schedules, his behaviors, everything about him was being kept track of.The target muttered a drunken “Thanks,” and placed his fingers on the cool glass. As he brought it up to his lips, he paused and glanced at Bird.He smirked. Bird’s blood ran cold. He almost panicked but held back. “Yes?” Bird asked.”I didn’t know they allowed 16 year-olds as bartenders now,” said the man, fiddling with his glass. He chuckled.”Hey, I’m 22,” Bird lied. “I’m just short.” He leaned back and rested against the table behind him.”Mmm-hmm,” he muttered sarcastically. He took the shot surprisingly easily.”Anything else? Perhaps a vodka martini?” Bird needed something to do to pass the time for the fifteen minutes it would take for the Rohypnol to kick in.”I’ll pass.”Bird walks away from him and tends to other people at the bar. After serving others for about 20 minutes,