Both each of his arms and thenBoth each of his arms and then

Both of these stories can be compared and contrasted
by using conflict. A conflict is a serious disagreement and argument about
something important. If two people or groups are in conflict, they have had a
serious disagreement or argument and have not yet reached argument. In
“shooting an elephant” Orwell, a colonial policeman in British governed Burma.

He has a great deal of difficulty with the people he must protect. “The Boy Who
Talked With Animals” is that a fishermen have trapped a turtle and he plans on
selling it to the hotel people but there’s a boy loves animals so he wants to
save the turtle. The conflict in “The Swan” is Ernie and Raymond is bullying a
boy name peter. Raymond and Ernie try to teach peter a lesson. “Raymond
produced the ball of string and the two larger boys now proceeded to tie the
victim down in such a way that he couldn’t wriggle away from between the rails.

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They did this by looping string around each of his arms and then threading the
string under the rails on either side”. Peter must protect himself. These three
stories have conflicts, however, the conflicts are different from each other.

Both stories can be compared and contrasted by using resolution. A resolution
is solving a problem.