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BREAKING NEW; INDUS VALLEY HAS VANISHED!Breaking news, the Indus valley has just vanished. Researcher Ben Carnahan has yet to solve this huge mystery. This life long rich environment has just disappeared, but who, who would cause this destruction, is it a who or a what? Researcher Ben Carnahan truly believes that natural disasters, and city population caused this destruction!He states that natural disasters such as floods, Earthquakes caused the place to vanish. Also he states that the Indus river changed its course. Many people had a lack of water due to the river changing its course. Evidence shows from silt shows 5 layers beneath, used in water conditions. Ben shows how diseases have killed many people such as the disease, malaria. Evidence from skeletons shows that many died from that disease. A disease that is caused by mosquitoes. I believe that the city being so crowded could’ve also caused the death of the thousands that lead to the vanishing of indus valley. Many tools were beneath the homes possibly due to population and there was nowhere else to go. The great bath was also built over. The mounds were super crowded, it was crazy. Drains were also blocked off, causing no water! Everything was falling apart. But the mystery still lies, why? Even though there is no evidence quite yet, Ben believes that after Indus Valley fell apart, Aryans have taken over. The Aryans are to be believed a group of Indo-Europeans. Ben believes that they had taken over and Rajas were there leaders. Rajaas were there princes many Aryans seperated and built mini castles, or civilizations. They often fought and were excellent warriors. Aryans mostly feasted off of cattle and whoever had the most cattle was the wealthiest. Soon the Aryans for their religion stopped eating cattle and begin eating crops, which also meant they farmed. There is still not evidence of war though, only knives and necklaces were left behind, and knives were most likely made for cutting of bread, and different types of those things.Therefore in conclusion natural disasters, diseases, and city populations is what lead to the many vanishes of the Indus Valley. You can now see how the civilization is now in smothered ruins. As he said many layers of silt were set down to stop water, which is why he believes there was flooding. Who really knows who stopped the richest and most valuable place in Ancient times, you would have to be there to find out.