Build a more Intelligent Enterprise!Talk to yourBuild a more Intelligent Enterprise!Talk to your

Build a more Intelligent Enterprise!Talk to your system in natural language!  Now querying your data and interpreting your analytics is as simple and fast as sending a text.  Chat with your system to improve efficiencies and unblock bottlenecks!Let your conversation with your system be more social than technological! Your system can now understand what you say, regardless of how you say it . It is now easy to query your data and analytics solutions via speech or text with eProdcast. Ask for your latest enterprise data and instantly receive it without having to run any reports or even use a dashboard. Query your data efficiently using merely your voice or text to get information without having to deal with the complexities of ERP reporting. With eProdcast’s inbuilt machine learning capabilities, automate your routine tasks in an end to end business processes and reduce your operational cost. Enhance your people’s capabilities and effectiveness by shifting the focus to non-routine, analytical and creative tasks. Augment your workforce, help them utilize their time better. Provide them with the necessary resources to get the job done faster. Access your Enterprise Data Anytime, Anywhere!   Get seamless  access to your enterprise data anytime, anywhere,  without developing a  mobile app.  Connect your device to eProdcast to avail synchronized, real-time information ,across devices. Go app-less with eProdcast!        Get your businesses up and running in minutes, with eProdcast’s intelligent data synchronization platform at  little to no costs. Allow your enterprise to increase its data value by keeping everything clean, synchronized and up to date, in real time. Connect your device to eProdcast for a  synchronized, quick and predictable data  access across devices and platforms.  Power your  business  for a  seamless data synchronization ,anytime anywhere, without complexity. With eProdcast gain access to your most accurate  data right when we need it and in all your connected devices. Now experience personalized, easy decision support while you are on the go, with only little attention to spare !Say Good Bye to apps with eProdcast!Get the right data at the right time! Drag & Drop the right data into the  RIGHT HANDS at the right time effortlessly. With eProdcast, data arrives at your fingertips the way you need . Swift reaction to actionable insights is now easy.Put your  business users in charge of their data and analysis with  eProdcast’s  analytics platform. eProdcast’s intelligent chatbots  enable receiving alerts on required information  from your existing systems ,to the right person , at the right time.  It is now easier to take actions/decisions on those alerts, and  search/query all with the intent to streamline workflow.  eProdcast gives users the power to set-up more advanced and intelligent workflows. Arm your business users with the right tools to make informed decisions. Drive your  top-line growth, reduce operating costs, improve customer experience, and ensure regulatory compliance with eProdcast.  It is now easier to access data quickly and  predictably across an increasingly complex data landscape. Receive  the data you need – when, where and how you need it on the go with eProdcast. Better data means deeper intelligence about your users and better interactions with them , every time! Build a Smarter, More connected EnterpriseQuickly share any information across your enterprise with eProdcast.Collaborate instantly for speedy approvals to boost productivity and profits.Integrate all voices into ONE solution with eProdcast! Unify your data landscape for  real-time understanding of the latest transactions, messages, and communications  with eProdcast.   Now consistently and seamlessly engage with your team across channels, devices and departments. With eProdcast users can work faster, more flexibly and more productively. Capture insightful  data and integrate it into actionable strategies across your  organization with eProdcast.   Now, the creation and understanding of business reports, transcriptions, reviews and other audience-specific messages are much simpler and more efficient to both produce and consume. eProdcast helps you break through the clutter and deliver a unified  message that resonates with your audience across your enterprise! The ultimate collaboration tool to improve communication and productivity for enterprises of all sizes! Protect your data On Demand!   Single Sign-on authentication  to host all your apps, secure and control them on  eProdcast’s Virtual Desk.  With powerful Intelligence & Analytics capabilities, automatically detect and prevent threats even before they occur. Stay risk free 24*7 with eProdcast at work! Protect your enterprise data, meet compliance orders, and secure critical information any time, anywhere with eProdcast’s Virtual Desk.  eProdcast’s Single Sign On capability helps you manage the security of all your sensitive information in every location with unparalleled simplicity. eProdcast’s  Virtual Desk, helps resolve issues related to cost and complexity of shielding data by providing a single data security-as-a-service platform. Simplify your  data security operations by reducing the cost of ownership, minimizing deployment times and eliminating the need to manage multiple solutions. ePC Virtual Desk  comes with no hardware and software to buy, configure or manage and flexible  pay-as-you-go pricing. Quickly  and cost effectively deploy ePC Virtual Desk in minutes  to secure sensitive information in any environment on demand. Eprodcast’s Virtual Desk  integrates easily with your  enterprise  systems,  to protect wherever data is created, accessed or stored. Boost the productivity of your workforce by giving your  employees secure access to accurate and timely information while they are on the move.With eProdcast at work in protecting your crucial  data, focus on your other business priorities!