But, 3rd world are helpless victims. But,But, 3rd world are helpless victims. But,

But, here is the big question are these aid’s done ODA’s are really an
act of generosity or really helping the poorer nations for coming out of

According to me these acts done by the ODA’s are purely for their own
selfish nature and to gain power in these low developed nations by granting
them different form of benefits.

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Often, we will either get
grouped into eastern or western world camps. The common ideology is that the poor
countries are exploited by the rich ones and it is done due to the domination
of the west, and due to the rapid corruption in poor countries. So, we get into
the ideological trap that the 3rd world are helpless victims. But,
neither of these 2 extremes are correct & provide justice to the 3rd
world nations.

In the
long run the aid from these ODA’s would make undeveloped countries more
vulnerable on their economy, market and power institutions. Parallelly they
should obey the rules and regulations imposed by these organizations.

The countries which are taking help will have to face the reality of
their balance sheets, and look after the shifting balance.

Another most important side of these aid provided by these ODA’s we have
to take into account is that the people who are paying taxes and their money is
shifted into the recipient country for its development, might get stopped once
the people of the “donor” country revolt against these institutions or
governments that are announcing cuts on may items in their own country to serve
other people. At one point or another this will hinder the aid provided by the
ODA’s and stop the development process. It is surely morally not acceptable in
any philosophy.

The aid provided by these ODA’s helps the donors to buy goods/services
they want at their convenient price level, and thus further damaging the
economy of the less developed country. The negative agreement includes the
following: trade rules, adapt rapidly to climate change, resource scarcity, limiting
our consumption, accept the employment agreements, take down on tax havens,
restrictive intellectual property and give permit to international companies
easily for businesses operations.

These all should be treated with the same level of seriousness as we
have shown in case of aid budget and its poverty focus.

During these emerging times demand and necessity of poor
nations/countries should be grounded in belief in justice and universal human
rights, rather than old orthodoxies. In this stage of evolving space, the idea
of international development must be done by values rather than just being
driven for the value of money.

We cannot simply propaganda everyone about citizen empowerment, and ask
them to do their share. We should educate every citizen of our world that there
will be hard times where governments or market fail and in those times, we
should stand by each other and rebuild the nation / country and it should be
made as a universal law. We should engage the state, citizens and other actors,
including the private sector.

In this more interdependent, differing, hotter, uncertain world, we can’t
just settle for charity, but, we must take our responsibility so that the poor
will live and the justice lives on.