By son who is very talented inBy son who is very talented in

By adding her personal information, Lynda Barry connects her essay to the importance of keeping programs in schools. Barry illustrates on how it is important to keep said programs as they saved her from the troublesome and neglectful home from which she came, helping her slip away and find peace and security at school.

Lynda’s personal approach and experiences she had as child are educating about the

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effect and value of creativity in our lives and schools as large, also on how we should support public school.  The effect of the public school she attended made her who she is now, moreover the activities she put herself in school with the help of her teachers, “for the gradually growing number of neglected children in this country, the only place where we could count on being observed was at school.”(pg857 line 13-14)

Without any reasonable doubt, the story is very interesting and sad at the same time, because although she lost her family value, she gained something unique at the end through education. Her level of informality is more liking as attending lecturing or Ted talk show listening to her achievement.

 As a student and mother, this story ran deep within me to some extent, though I cannot relate to the neglected part of the story because I was never neglected growing up. My son who is very talented in creative art, always trying something new or expressing himself mostly drawing. He will draw perfectly and create something unique out whatever he sees on his way back home from school or thought at school, also most of his art material are from art class Art is his favorite subject. Which I will recommend most parents to help their children in visual art in expressing themselves, and I also have cousins who run to my mother because of their parent’s attitudes and behavior. My parents’ house became a place of comfort for them and my nieces too. Having family morals values in our society will make it easier for our children to develop their talent or noticed the gifted one in the community.