Caitlin past was dead, the future wasCaitlin past was dead, the future was

Caitlin N. Keith

03 Jan 2018

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English IV: FL College Prep

Ms. Hale

Years into the Future

 “The past was dead, the future was
unimaginable.” (George Orwell, p. 25) 1984 by George Orwell informs the modern
society about a totalitarian government that controls and monitors the actions
of citizens. Winston Smith, the main character, has his mind set to not live
with dictatorship. Big Brother is known as the leader of government and who the
citizens of Oceania look up to. Winston does a rebellious act of writing in a
diary of his thoughts, which is not allowed, Winston wants to have people join
on his side in order to prove that people do not need to be under control. Eric
Fromm contends, Orwell “wants to warn and to awaken us. He still hopes-but in
contrast phases of western society, his hope is a desperate one.” A
totalitarian state is conceivable because of cyclic history, structures in
developing nations, and violation of individual rights.

 History repeating itself is a common warning.
Cyclic history is the point of learning history. There are a handful of things
that undeniably change within the world. Repeated history can be described as
patterns or a cause and effect relationship of war, racism, colonialism, or
social movements. As history continues it seems as if the mistakes cannot be
avoided from the first time, Karl Marx has once said “History repeats itself,
first as tragedy, second as farce.” To show that the gaffe happens a second
time with a change from the initial start of the action. 1984 by George Orwell
illustrates the extension of history amongst the world. The cyclic history in
1984 that contrasts to the generation’s today are social movements, and war. Over
the years many people have demonstrated their responses to a situation one has
agreed or disagreed too. In the book 1984, the history that reoccurs is the two
minutes of hate which is known as social movements. “The horrible
thing…impossible to avoid.” (George Orwell p. 9) The two minutes of hate is an
outburst of an emotion directed to a single person, rioting can be expressed
the same way. Wars have been determined to be a repeated lesson of history, it
is a key idea to keep foreign powers out of a specific condition related to
war.  Many alliances have been made with
countries for certain conflicts, such as, Great Britain and France during World
War I. “He, Winston Smith,…four years ago.” (George Orwell p. 24) Oceania has always
been in an alliance with Eurasia, even though it was told that an alliance was
never made. Orwell is giving a warning that cyclic history in the future can be
caused in countless ways and can cause a totalitarian state to be conceived.

 Developing nations have forms of government
that have complete control on their country. An individual’s life is takin over
by a single person. Countries, such as, China, North Korea, and Russia are just
three out of forty-nine under despotism in the world today. Dictatorship in
developing countries can be described as having a ruler of the land.  Having one control can make a person feel
powerful, in The Great Dictator Speech spoken by Charlie Chaplin, “Dictators
free themselves but they enslave the people!” Chaplin is expressing the thought
of how brutal the power is. There are many similarities from the book 1984 and
the conditions around the world living under control, which can cause fear and perception
of how the rest of the world is also. Orwell created the citizens of Oceania to
worship and believe everything their ruler Big Brother says “Partly it
was…majesty of Big Brother.” (George Orwell p. 16) this can be related in any
country under tyranny due to the citizens praising their leader like a hero and
having a conception that all around the world lives the exact same way. Living
in constant fear can be hard, anything can happen outside one of person’s
comfortable living space. Being punished by an action can cause fear of how
people live the daily life. “But if detected…forced-labor camp.” (George Orwell
p. 5) doing or saying things a person is not supposed to can cause the person
to be in a long term situation that can cause their life. Nations living under
dictatorship can have numerous of citizens to think that one thing is fine
within their lives. Orwell is sending a message in the book 1984 to the future
that one person can change the way people live and that the totalitarian state
is conceivable.